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Triwindu Antique Market, Exciting Ancient Trading Experience


Triwindu Antique Market is the center of excitement for lovers and collectors of antiques. Also known as Windujenar Market, Triwindu Antique Market is located on Jalan Diponegoro, not far from the Mangkunegaran Palace in Solo, Central Java. Upon entering the market complex, you will be greeted by a pair of statues, a man and a woman sitting in the cross-legged position. Solely dedicated to the sale of antiques, the atmosphere in Triwindu differs from other markets.

The building itself, wherein the market is situated, is a two-story, wooden structure that has stood since 1945, adding to the “antique” feel of the building. Strolling across the numerous aisles, you will be treated to various forms of antiques from different times in the past. The artifacts housed within these walls vary greatly in shape, history and cultural background, yet all display an element of high artistic value and admirable craftsmanship. Antiques found in the market can be made of gold, silver, copper, wood, ceramics, paper or cloth.

The variety of antiques available for sale also differ from one another in manner of usage. The first floor contains mostly smaller items. Accessories are just a small portion of the ancient artifacts on display, and include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and hair accessories. The second floor is home to larger items ranging from automotive tools, no longer in existence, to old fashioned bicycles, antique cabinets, beds, tables, chairs and other furniture items.

An interestingly unique feature of Triwindu Antique Market is that the barter system is still in place as a valid means of transaction. Here you can bring your own antique items to exchange for a different piece that you admire. Items housed within this market range in price from just a few hundred thousand to tens of millions of rupiah. The value of an item varies depending on age, history and condition of the item. Although some items date back hundreds of years, most are in good condition and many are still functioning. Triwindu Antique Market is open daily from 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM.


Get There

The Adisumarmo International Airport is located 14 KM north of Solo city. The airport is internationally connected to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and domestic flights are available from JakartaPangkalanbun, and Pontianak.

If you prefer travel over land, there is also a Jakarta-Solo route by train. The journey takes between 11-12 hours before arrival at Solo Balapan Station. There are also Jakarta-Solo routes by bus. Once in Solo, the market is located on Diponegoro Road, within the city center. You can get there by public transport, private car or hired car.


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