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Seribu Archipelago

The Picturesque Escape of the Metropolitan

If you’re longing to have a short escape from the busy side of Jakarta, KepulauanSeribu or the Thousand Islands is the perfect place for you! There are 108 islands in KepulauanSeribu, located in the northern coast of Jakarta, but only 11 of those are inhabited and 36 may be used for recreation.

You can go island hopping and visit some of the most famous spots in KepulauanSeribu, or you can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just laying around all day long in these laid back islands.  KepulauanSeribu’s Marine National Park is the heart of this archipelago. The park consists of a few islands, such as SemakDaun, GosongPramuka, KarangLebar, KarangBalikLayar and Kotok Island. There are around 19 diving spots with amazing underwater life in this area!

There are also the historical islands, which comprise of Onrust, Cipir, Kelor, and Bidadari Island. You can stroll around Onrust Island and stumble upon archaeological remains. The exotic Macan Island is an eco-friendly escape that you would not want to miss; and how can you not visit the famous Love Bridge on Tidung Island. The bridge is an iconic structure that connects TidungBesar with Tidung Kecil Island. You can ride a bicycle around the island as the friendly locals greet you. Pari Island is one of the most populated island, yet it still holds a hidden gem, such as the unsullied Perawan Beach, home to a diverse coral reefs and breathtaking marine scenery. Last but not least, is the Putri Island, located furthest from Jakarta. You can walk in an underwater tunnel, where you get to see the wonderful life of sea creatures!


Get Around

Everywhere on the island is on walkable distance, but if you want to explore more, you can rent a bicycle. Take your time to interact with the curious local children and stop by at their homes to learn something that might be memorable for you to cherish.

Get There

First, you need to reach the nearest harbor in Jakarta, such as Marina Ancol, Kali Adem, or SundaKelapa. You can also depart from CituisRawaSaban and TanjungPasir Harbor in Banten. From there on, you can take a boat ride to KepulauanSeribu. If you opt for a more convenient and faster ride, just head straight to Marina Ancol to take a speedboat. You can also take a ferry from SundaKelapa. When traveling from Banten area, you can only hop to certain islands that have the shortest distance from the harbor.  Ticket price for one way boat or ferry ride ranges from IDR 15,000 to IDR 125,000, while speedboat ride starts at IDR 110,000 to IDR 270,000. You can get to these harbors by private car, public transportations such as taxi, bus, or motorcycle taxi (ojek), depending on where you will depart from.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of islands that offer proper accommodation, ranging from standard bedrooms to an exclusive private beach hut. Some islands also offers homestays and even a camping ground if you insists on sleeping amongst the ocean breeze. Either way, it’s your choice. Now, let’s get packing!

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