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The Richness in Diversity

Cirebon located right on the border between the provinces of West Java and Central Java on the northern coastal plains of Java. Cirebon is most interesting to visit because of its multi-nations acculturation; Sundanese and Javanese mixture with Chinese, Indian, Arab and European. The palace buildings and Islamic graves are decorated with old Ming porcelain plates, its Batik art has strong Chinese influences, and mosques have strong Arabian influences.

Cirebon returns to the tourist map together with the other once powerful kingdoms on Java’s north coast from Banten (once known as Bantam) and Cirebon in the west to Semarang, Demak, Kudus in Central Java and on to Tuban all the way in East Java. This swathe of coastline is known as Daerah Pesisir, the northern Java coast. Nowadays, this long coast is known as Pantura, and has now become a main commercial arterial busy road until today. As the fourth largest city on Java’s north coast after Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang, its industry and trade is thriving. A visit to Cirebon will take you back to 16th century commercial life, with its palaces, batik shops, and mosques and crowded markets. Besides, Cirebon also attracts through its many culinary favorites.


Get There

Because of its central location, Cirebon is easily accessible by car, air or rail. There are two large railway stations in Cirebon, they are they are the Kejaksan Station and the Prujakan station. Cirebon has a small airport called Cakrabuana airport while a larger one is in construction.

When travelling by car, please note that since this is a busy highway, you will meet many container trucks on the way.

By Train

The railway company has a special tourist train which includes a city tour of Cirebon. There are two packages available. The first one leaves Gambir Station in Central Jakarta for a maximum 20 passengers at 06:00 am and returns at 21:15 pm.

The second package includes an overnight stay leaving Jakarta at 06:00 am, arriving in Cirebon at 09:00 pm. The return journey leaves Cirebon at 15:15 pm and arrives at Gambir Station at 18:15 pm. Prices may vary, and prices may go up by 30 percent during peak holiday season. The train is also often chartered for tourist groups.

In Cirebon, you will be taken around by air-conditioned coach, vising the tourist village of Trusmi, the Karaton Kasepuhan, the Sunyaragi caves, Keraton Cirebon, the Grand Mosque and the Grave of Sunan Gunung Jati. Also included is the food center at the Kanoman market. Make sure to reserve your seat at least one day ahead of departure since this is a popular tour.