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Pleasant City with High Year-round Rainfall

Bogor is located at 60 km south, or a mere one hour by road from Jakarta. Once known as Buitenzorg meaning 'free of care', Bogor is at the foothills of Mt Salak. It has a high, year-round rainfall and a much cooler climate compared to metropolitan Jakarta. Bogor itself is a pleasant town, and home of the Iindonesia’s Agricultural University and the Zoological Museum, where is displayed the last stuffed rhino found in the Bandung plateau.

From Bogor the road climbs up passing picturesque mountain resorts all the way to the Puncak, or the Peak. The Safari Park is located on this beautiful but winding route. Further beyond Puncak before reaching Cipanas is the Cibodas Park just at the foot of Mt Gede-Pangrango, laid out for the study of temperate plants, where Java coffee was originally cultivated.

Today, Bogor is a favourite place to spend weekends and short holidays. Bogor is famous for its asinan, fresh fruit and vegetables sour salads, and oddly enough also for its apple pies and baked macaroni.


Get There

From Jakarta, you can rent a car (complete with a chaffeur) to go to Bogor. As mentioned above, the journey to Bogor will be about one hour. Be advised that the traffic on weekends and long holidays will be more packed.

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