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Sustainable Bali Travel Ideas You Must Experience!

Bustling with abundant natural spots that never fail to impress anyone who stumbles upon it, as well as fascinating culture and arts, Bali is truly a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers. Whether you love to explore, chill out, or have fun with your families and friends, a journey to Bali will be a moment that you will never forget in your life. Given that the beauty of nature is often neglected, it’s time for us to start being a responsible tourist by supporting sustainable tourism. In Bali, you can find many places that offer sustainable activities. Let’s have a look at some sustainable trip ideas you can experience in Bali below!


1.  Visit the turtle conservation in Serangan Island 


In the southeast of Denpasar, there existed an island that is known famously for its serene temples and breeding grounds for turtles. Named Serangan Island, this place can be a wonderful destination to visit for those who would like to learn more about how to be more responsible for our environment. Here, you can educate yourself about endangered turtles by visiting the Turtle Conservation And Education Center (TCEC) located in the northern part of the island. This conservation center was built as a way to raise awareness of illegal turtle trading. Inside, you can have a chance to adopt a baby turtle and then release it back into the sea, become a volunteer, and give donations to support the center’s effort in preserving the turtles.


2.  Learn Balinese classic painting in Kamasan Village 


Sustainable tourism is not only about preserving the natural environment, it is also about helping the local community. There are many ways you can help a local community in Bali. One thing you can do is by giving support to Bali’s artisans. In the Klungkung Regency, to the east of Ubud, you can find a village that houses a traditional community of Bali’s skillful painting artists. Known as Kamasan Village, this village is home to ancient Balinese classical paintings. Around the village, you can find various family-operated workshops and galleries displaying exotic Kamasan-style paintings. Kamasan-style itself can be identified by its intricate objects, natural shades, and narratives which are often taken from Mahabharata and Ramayana epochs.


3.  Collect handmade lontar crafts from Cangkeng Village


Get yourself to be more appreciative of nature's unspoiled beauty by taking a trip along Muntigunung Trek. As you walk through the mountainside, you will be greeted by the jaw-dropping sights of immense hills, eye-soothing clouds, and vast lakes in the distance. Near the end of the journey, you will also be taken to Cangkeng Village, where you can see the locals crafting woven handicrafts made from palm leaves known as lontar into baskets of many shapes. Do buy some of these lovely baskets to support the village! Moreover, by partaking in a journey along Muntigunung Trek, you are contributing to the livelihood of the locals.


4.  Explore traditional market and cook in Kemenuh Village


Set your foot at Kemenuh Village in the southeast of Ubud and experience how the Balinese spend their time preparing traditional food. Start your day by exploring the traditional market to hunt for fresh ingredients needed to make the food. As you return to the village, you will then be taught how to cook delightful Balinese traditional cuisine. You can also have a chance to learn about how to play Balinese traditional music and dances!


5.  Marvel at the highland wilderness of Munduk


Looking for a sustainable adventure? Go rush your adrenaline by driving along the breathtaking wilderness of Munduk! A breezy highland filled with lush green forest, pristine lakes, alluring waterfalls, as well as a variety of plantations, Munduk can be a perfect place to do thrilling sustainable leisure. The extraordinary vistas of Munduk wilderness will make you more conscious to protect the purity of your natural surroundings.


What are you waiting for? Let’s make the Earth a better place by practicing sustainable tourism ideas for your next holiday! Do also check out more examples of sustainable travel ideas you can refer to while visiting Indonesia! As you start your journey, make sure to keep the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols in mind. Wear your mask in public, keep your distance from others, and wash your hands frequently. Remember to follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, and subscribe to our Youtube Wonderful Indonesia so you don’t miss out on plenty of inspiring trip ideas as well as fantastic natural spots!