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Rekindle Your Relationship with Nature at Pemuteran Village, Bali


Do you enjoy the sight of natural scenery from the top of a hill? Do you love exploring marine wildlife? If so, you can experience both of them in an instant by visiting Pemuteran village in Bali! Pemuteran village is a small coastal village located in Gerokgak district, Buleleng regency, Bali. A hidden gem in the west of Bali, the village is blessed with a tranquil beach that offers a vast view of the beautiful Bali Sea. Long before it became a well-known place for snorkeling by foreign and domestic travelers, the tourism village was originally just a humble fisherman village. It all changed when I Gusti Agung Prana, a man who used to work as a tour guide back then started to explore the potential of Pemuteran village. After a long arduous process, Pemuteran village now successfully transformed into a popular tourist attraction which opened a big window to the rich biodiversity of Bali.

What makes the Pemuteran tourism village so special?

At Pemuteran village, can witness the abundant marine biodiversity along the coast of the beach through snorkeling or diving. For that reason, the ocean by the beach holds plenty of astonishing underwater photo spots to capture. However, these aren’t the only things that make Pemuteran village so enticing to many travelers. 

Let’s have a look at some other interesting activities that you can do while visiting Pemuteran Village!

1. Enjoy the nautical paradise by embarking on an aquatic tour

a person snorkeling near coral reefs

With a total of 30 snorkeling and diving spots consisting of around 80% of the world’s coral reef species, the clear blue seafloors in front of Pemutaran village offer a magical experience to its visitors. One of the best spots favored by worldwide travelers is the Underwater Temple Garden diving site. In the Underwater Temple Garden, you can feast your eyes upon majestic statues and shrines buried under the sea. The temple has become a habitat of newly grown corals and a wide range of exotic fishes, which makes it even more enchanting.

2. Take a trip to a turtle conservation

a turtle swimming underwater

Owned by Kelompok Pelestari Penyu Pemuteran Hijau (Green Pemuteran Preservation Group), the turtle conservatory was created with the help of the locals as an effort to help the plight of the sea turtles around Pemuteran village. In the conservatory, you can learn various interesting information about the turtles found there. Moreover, you can also participate in turtle feeding time as well as releasing some turtles back into the sea.

3. Relaxing at Pemuteran beach

a peaceful beach of Pemuteran

Enjoy the laid-back vibes of Pemuteran beach and feel the caress of the breeze. There are a lot of ways to spend your time on this wonderful beach. You can catch some rays, play volleyball, build a sandcastle, or swim your way around the calm waters in front of Pemuteran beach.

4. Witness the stunning view of Pemuteran village from Batu Kursi Hill

the green hill of Batu Kursi

Fancy a morning walk? Do yourself a favor by taking a trip to the verdant hill of Batu Kursi! If you’re the kind of person who enjoys hiking in your spare time, Batu Kursi Hill will definitely be up to your liking. Enjoy the fascinating view of Pemuteran village as well as Pemuteran beach from the top of the hill. You don’t have to worry about getting lost as there are guarded stairs available along the way. Furthermore, you can also find a humble sacred temple on top called Pura Bukit Kursi. 

5. Indulge in authentic Balinese cuisine

a row of Sate Lilit

You cannot deny the flavorful taste of Balinese cuisine. If you want to savor authentic Balinese cuisine, Pemuteran village can be an excellent choice for you. Nothing is more authentic than enjoying a wide variety of Balinese dishes in an exotic setting cooked personally by the locals of the village. Such a perfect way to end your exhausting day! Some of the recommended dishes served around Pemuteran village include Nasi Campur, Ayam Betutu, as well as Sate Lilit.

Embarking on a tour around Pemuteran village is a worthy experience to cherish. Pemuteran village offers plenty of unforgettable wonders from its dazzling nature, authentic experiences, and the warmness of the locals. No wonder the village became one of the most ideal spots to get yourself closer to nature, and  away from hectic urban life.

Want to gather more information about Pemuteran village? You can immediately contact the village’s management, Bapak Nyoman Arnawa (083119498571).

Finally, remember to follow the safety health protocols such as wearing your mask in public spaces, keeping your distance from others, washing your hands regularly, avoiding crowded places, as well as minimizing your mobility.