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#ItstimeforBali! Stunning Churches You Can Visit This Christmas

There are so many things to do on Christmas Day, especially if you’re visiting Bali for a whole complete week of the year-end holiday. If you’re looking for Christmas things to do, then #ItstimeforBali! We have a list of admirable churches in Bali that you can visit. Read this article from start to finish and make your own Christmas bucket list by checking out these four stunning churches you should not miss!


1. Church of St. Joseph

a statue in Church of St. Joseph

Widely known as the first and oldest Roman catholic church in Bali, Church of St. Joseph is filled with so many historical values. The church, which is also named The Roman Catholic Diocese of Denpasar, functions as a diocese of the Ecclesiastical province of Ende in Indonesia.

Inside this church, you can admire many fascinating carvings and ornaments around the altar, especially their rich details and attention-grabbing colors. You will find that Balinese elements are strongly featured in the decoration, which can be an evidence of cultural diversity and harmony in Bali.


2. Palasari Church


Situated in the Jembrana area, Palasari Church is a unique Catholic church that brings liveliness towards Bali with its traditions and ceremonies. You can witness the cultural harmony depicted from their architecture and interior design, which blends Christianity elements with Balinese Hindu style.

In celebrating the harmonious lives built among Christianity and Balinese Hindu, Palasari Church's local members will sometimes wear traditional Balinese attire to attend church events. Unity in diversity is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?


3. Pniel Church


This 20-acre wide church might seem like a Balinese Hindu temple from outside. Located in Blimbingsari, Pniel Church is considered unique because it has an architecture that adheres to the rule of Balinese traditional house. The only difference is the big wooden cross placed at the top of the building, which gives a clear sign that the place is a church. Furthermore, visitors can also enjoy the extraordinary Christmas celebration in Pniel Church, where the priests preach sermons to the attendants wearing Balinese traditional outfit while also accompanied by Bali’s traditional gamelan music.

The establishment of the distinctive Pniel Church brings a particular kind of perk to the local people of Blimbingsari Village. As the domestic and international tourists started coming over, the village also gained some recognition from all around the world. Come here for a Christmas spectacle and feel the lively atmosphere!


4. The Holy Spirit Cathedral

holy spirit

Popularly known as the Katedral Roh Kudus, The Holy Spirit Cathedral is a religious structure with an affiliation to Catholic Church in the city of Denpasar. It was built around the year of 1993 yet the establishment is still sturdy and charming. You can take a picture with the exterior design as the background because the building is dominated with a brick colour, which will present an enchantingly picturesque look when the sky is clear.

The whole design concept of the Holy Spirit Cathedral is also proof that Balinese Hinduism and Christianity can live harmoniously on this island. The combination of church elements with traditional Balinese aesthetic can be clearly seen on this building. Care to visit and marvel at it by yourself?


Spending your Christmas holiday by witnessing the harmonious lives between Christianity and Balinese Hinduism is definitely going to make your heart filled with joy and peace. As always, if you’re planning to visit Bali, we kindly urge you to comply with the health protocol implemented and make sure you have understood the international travel regulations that are currently applied. Last but not least, always maintain your healthy habits such as washing hands regularly, practicing social distancing, and wearing a face mask in public places.