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Fun Facts about Bomba Batik from Central Sulawesi Worn by Elon Musk in B20 Summit, Bali


Elon Musk, the renowned CEO of Tesla and Twitter, was present virtually at the B20 Summit 2022. While being interviewed by the CEO of Bakrie & Brothers, Anindya Bakrie, Elon was seen wearing Bomba batik. It is said that the batik was made in Indonesia and sent directly to Elon Musk's residence.

Image source: Youtube B20 Indonesia 2022


There are a lot of stories behind Bomba batik, which originated from Central Sulawesi. Curious to find out about them? Take a glance at these highlights about Bomba batik!


Derived from the Local Wisdom of Palu

This batik has a variety of patterns, which came from the local and distinctive cultural values such as sambulugana (a package of offerings used for ritual purposes by Palu people), souraja (traditional houses of Palu people), marijuana manure, maleo bird, creeping flower, resplang, ventilation, Kaili traditional house, cloves, and many others.


Brought by the Princess Manukaluli

Bomba means ‘togetherness’ and ‘openness’ in Palu language. Therefore, the pattern symbolizes the openness of Palu people to those who want to visit. According to the locals, the pattern of Bomba batik was brought by Princess Manukaluli, one of the former female leaders of Palu from Boya Peramba Tavaeli.


A Lot of Color Varieties

The green one Elon wore in B20 Summit 2022 is just one of many color varieties of Bomba batik. Aside from that, this batik also has other colors, like yellow, red, and orange. On important occasions in Palu, Bomba batik has become an obligatory outfit to wear. This is one of the ways to preserve the culture of Bomba batik as an identity of the Palu people.


Interesting Destinations in Central Sulawesi

Curious to see the beauty of this province by yourself? No worries, Central Sulawesi has a lot to offer, especially their wonderful natural spectacles. Here are some recommendations from us!


1.  Lake Poso


Being the third deepest lake in Indonesia, Lake Poso spans across an area of 32,000 hectares, and a depth of 515 meters at its deepest points. It is almost three times deeper than the Java Sea, which has a mean depth of 151 meters only. When you arrive here, you will be welcomed by crystal blue waters, outlined by a shade of green and with soft white and golden sands at the edges. Around this enchanting lake are rolling hills, covered with stretches of bright, green rice fields, fragrant clove trees, as well as tropical forests. What a wonderful sight, right? It doesn’t stop there, because you can also find anoas and babirusas (wild boars), which are endemic to Sulawesi.


2.  Sombori Island


Dubbed as the Raja Ampat of Sulawesi, this island in Morowali Regency is also known for having clusters of small coral islands scattered around the sea. This place is recommended for those who seek peace and comfort because Sombori Island is still considered as immaculate and rarely known. Those who are fascinated in nautical life can do some diving and snorkeling here to admire thousands of sea creatures.


3.  Lore Lindu National Park


Also known as the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve and National Park, this destination has become one of the largest remaining mountainous rain forests of Sulawesi. Approximately 90% of the area comprises forest which is situated above 1,000 meters altitude; home to most of Sulawesis’ unique variations of mountain flora and fauna. Here, you can also find at least 55 species of bats and 267 birds, including the maleo birds and red-knobbed hornbills.


Exciting Places to Visit in Sulawesi

It is always a good idea to expand your trip further, as there are still a lot of attractions in Sulawesi you should not miss. Here are some of them!


1.  Likupang, North Sulawesi


It’s one of the super priority destinations in Indonesia and it’s not without reasons. Likupang has one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches accompanied by refreshing blue sea water framed by green hills in the distance. This place once surprised the locals and the World Wildlife Fund Indonesia, because the green turtle was discovered around the area in 2007. The presence of this rare species is a sign that North Sulawesi's marine ecosystem is well-preserved. Due to its clear waters, this place is a favorite destination for divers and snorkeling lovers to enjoy the stunning beauty of underwater coral reefs.


2.  Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi


Beyond the lofty mountains and rugged granite cliffs of the central highlands of the South Sulawesi Province, lies Tana Toraja, a traditional region that still adheres to their age-old beliefs, rituals, and traditions. They had begun opening themselves to the world from their long isolation only since the beginning of the last century. The local people of Toraja believe that in order to keep up the energy of the land and its people, they must preserve and sustain their cultural heritages through rituals that celebrate both life and death, which are linked to the agricultural seasons.


3.  Labengki Island, Southeast Sulawesi


Situated near the aforementioned Sombori Island, Labengki Island presents an untouched tropical heaven through many stunning landscapes including lagoons, caves, and jungle-covered beaches. Technically, there are two main islands here: Small Labengki Island and Large Labengki Island. Only Small Labengki Island is densely populated by the Bajau tribe, while Large Labengki Island is a protected and uninhabited forest area. You can enjoy almost all places on Labengki Island. Swim on the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water. Dive and snorkel to witness the underwater magnificence. Mingle with the locals and enjoy the tropical breeze. Everything here is a picture-perfect exotic escapade, so maximize your visit while you can.


4.  Karampuang Island, West Sulawesi


Comprising 6,370 kilometers square area with a population of 2,937 people, Karampuang Island is a small yet lively island which has a shape resembling a crocodile. Once you depart from Mamuju City Harbor, you should expect to be welcomed by a 500-meters long wooden Ujung Bulo Pier on the coast of Karampuang Island in only a 20 minutes ride. This island might be famous for its underwater scenes, but you don’t have to dive to fully enjoy Karampuang Island, as snorkeling around the Ujung Bulo Pier and some other parts of the island will give you enough view of the miraculous coral reefs and sea creatures habitat under the waters.


If you’re interested in having a Bomba batik after seeing Elon’s presence in B20 Summit 2022, you should definitely visit Central Sulawesi and buy it yourself. Meanwhile, we want to kindly remind you to comply with all the health protocols, be a responsible traveler, and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Learn about the latest international travel regulations and follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding tourism  and the creative economy in Indonesia.