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Don’t Know What to Do During Quarantine in Bali? Try Doing These 5 Things!


Be joyful because #ItstimeforBali! With Bali reopening its wonders to both domestic and international tourists starting from 14 October 2021, the Indonesian government has arranged a new rule for entering the island. Supported by Bali’s three utmost efforts as one of the provinces with the highest vaccination rates, the highest CHSE certifications, as well as the province that provides safety protocols for everyone, there are several measures you have to take before you can explore the wonders of Bali. All travelers are required to undergo a mandatory quarantine for 3 days at a hotel in order to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Looking for meaningful activities to do during quarantine in your selected hotel? Just check them out below!


1. Enjoy the comfort of your room

pool inside a hotel in Bali

Image by: ritzcarlton

To complete the 3-day mandatory quarantine, you are allowed to choose one of hotels, resorts, and villas certified by the Indonesian government for your accommodation. These hotels, resorts, and villas will also provide you with a cozy and refined room to accommodate your mandatory quarantine, so you don’t have to worry about the comfort of your stay. Have some good rest on the cushy bed available in your room, sit back and relax on a homey sofa accompanied by your favorite books, music, or movies, or witness the lovely view outside the window. Each room provided by these hotels, resorts, villas is guaranteed to make your mandatory quarantine less stressful and more enjoyable.


2. Savour tasty local foods from your hotel

a plate of Nasi Campur

As you are spending 3 days in your room for your mandatory quarantine, why don’t you embark on an exciting local culinary adventure? Try having a taste of authentic Indonesian dishes served in the comfort of your room. The hotels, resorts, or villas that you have chosen will provide you with a delightful selection of Indonesian delicacies cooked to perfection by the hands of skillful chefs. Enjoy the pleasant taste of nasi goreng, mi goreng, ayam betutu, satay, ikan bakar, gado-gado, and many more. Indulge yourself with other iconic local delights such as cendol, rujak, or fresh coconut water. The rich flavor of Indonesian cuisine will definitely leave an everlasting mark on your palate.


3. Stay active with light exercise

a woman doing a yoga

Staying within your room for 3 days straight with minimal activities can be risky for your health. How about keeping yourself active throughout the quarantine period by doing light exercises to stay fit? This pandemic has driven a lot of people to look out for a perfect home workout routine, with or without the use of equipment, compelling various fitness websites and vloggers to offer a wide array of home workout plans. While you’re waiting for the quarantine period to finish, try starting each day with an exercise routine. If you’re looking to maintain your weight, you can do several cardio exercises by doing jumping jacks, squat jumps, rope jumps, lunges, burpees, with varying intensity from moderate to high. If you’re looking to train your strength, you can instead do bodyweight exercises by doing sit-ups, push-ups, planks, squats, leg raises, mountain climbers, and many others.


4. Do further research on certified Point of Interests

a woman resting on a poolside

Before you can explore the island, it might be best for you to do a deeper research on your chosen point of interests in Bali, especially to see if these places have been certified by the Indonesian government. At the beginning of the pandemic, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy introduced a CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols across the tourism industry of Indonesia as a symbol of commitment towards travelers safety, health, hygiene and comfort. About more than 1700 tourism businesses in Bali, including hotels and non-hotels, have already received their CHSE certification. You can visit this page to check out several point of interests in Bali that have been CHSE certified.


5. Learn the local language

a couple enjoy in villa

Image by Viceroy

With a lot of time you have during the mandatory quarantine period, this can be a perfect opportunity to learn a new language. There are numerous websites and mobile apps that offer a chance for you to learn new languages. Try learning Indonesian language through these websites and mobile apps! Other than through these ways, you can also try listening to Indonesian music or watching Indonesian movies to further train your Indonesian language proficiency. Do also learn about Balinese language if you have more time and get yourself familiar with the local language!

Have you picked which activities you would like to do during quarantine? These exciting activities are guaranteed to make your quarantine seem to pass quickly! Once you’re allowed to explore Bali, never forget to keep the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols in mind by wearing a mask, practicing social distance, and washing your hands frequently. Stay healthy and inspired by checking out our social media on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, as well as @indonesiatravel on Facebook.