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10 Most Favorite Destinations You Should Visit in Wonderful Indonesia!

Indonesia is a wonderful country that is blessed with an infinite number of destinations waiting to be explored. However, there are some places that are famously adored worldwide for offering tons of exciting attractions and distinctive cultural philosophies. If you’re visiting Indonesia for the first time, these destinations are mostly recommended to give the maximum travel experience for you. Here are 10 destinations in Wonderful Indonesia that you should never miss!


#10 Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

boats in Gili Islands

Being the neighboring island of Bali, this one is not any less beautiful. Lombok has everything it takes to take your breath away, from the wondrous heights of Mount Rinjani, the exhilarating coastline of Mandalika, to the laid-back vibes of Gili Islands. Discover plenty of things to do in Lombok and make the best out of your tropical vacation!


#9 Lake Toba, North Sumatra 

lake toba

If you’re not amazed by the fact that this gigantic crater was formed by an ancient eruption that affected the environment on a worldwide scale, wait until you find out the culture and tradition that have been shaped in its surrounding community. Stroll around the villages of Tomok and Simanindo, explore the island of Samosir which is located in the middle of the lake, and find vantage points for you to witness the stunning beauty of Lake Toba.


#8 Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara 

Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo

It is known as the gateway to the Komodo dragon’s natural habitat, but it’s actually much more than that. Sits on the westernmost tip of Flores Island, the harbor city of Labuan Bajo is also known as the city of sunset, where you can see the extraordinary view of twilight from many different points of view. There are also several tourist attractions that might interest you, such as the Mirror Cave, Rangko Cave, Cunca Rami and Cunca Wulang Waterfalls, Puncak Amelia, and many others.


#7 Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara


Consisting of three larger islands and 26 smaller islands, the otherworldly Komodo National Park is only a boat ride away from Labuan Bajo. Once you enter the area, it almost feels like leaving the Earth into a much more beautiful place. Head towards the higher ground on Padar Island and take a picture of yourself with the entire island as the background. Lay on the Pink Beach in Komodo Island and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Meet the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat in Rinca Island. Whatever you choose to do, it will definitely be worth your time.


#6 Bandung, West Java 

Situ Patenggang in Ciwidey

As the capital city of West Java province, Bandung is known for being a place where you can find a soothing cool breeze of air and romantic natural attractions. Things as simple as hanging out in coffee shops will get you a lot of refreshments here. If you need a complete state of relaxation, you can visit Rancabali Lakeside Glamping, stay in Situ Patenggang in Ciwidey, or stroll around Cikole Orchid Forest. You can also stop by Saung Angklung Mang Udjo for cultural entertainment or do some shoppings at Paris van Java and Paskal 23 malls.


#5 Borobudur, Central Java


Built around AD 780 and 840, Borobudur Temple in Magelang city is considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Climb on and see the 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues depicting the history of the glory days on Syailendra dynasty. You can also experience the surrounding attractions such as sipping the critically acclaimed Luwak coffee at Pawon Luwak, shop for some souvenirs in Borobudur Silver, and dining local cuisine in Amanjiwo. It’s going to be a trip you’ll never forget.


#4 Yogyakarta, Special Region of Yogyakarta 


As the former seat of power for the Mataram Kingdom in the 16th and 17th centuries, Yogyakarta preserves the heritage and becomes one of the most important cultural centers in Indonesia. Stroll around this artsy-looking city and savor all the excitement from the living museum of The Keraton to the lively traditional market street of Malioboro. Don’t forget to also enjoy the local cuisine like gudeg (a sweet jackfruit stew) and bakpia (mungbean pie) that will surely satisfy your hunger. There are still many things you can do in Yogyakarta, so be sure to plan your trip effectively.


#3 Raja Ampat, West Papua 

Raja Ampat in West Papua

On the easternmost part of Indonesia, there lies an archipelagic paradise with unparalleled wonders called Raja Ampat. Many have been dreaming to get there, but only a few dare to actually make it happen. That is why the beauty is pristine, untouched, and comforting. As the name suggests (Raja Ampat means “four kings”), there are four main islands surrounded by other smaller islands here. Those four islands are Misool, Waigeo, Batanta, and Salawati. The excitement doesn’t stop there, because many other smaller islands like Piaynemo, Wayag, and Arborek Island also offer incredible views that will leave you speechless. Experience it by yourself. We dare you to.


#2 Jakarta

National Monument in Jakarta

If you’re planning to arrive in the capital city of the country, the best you can do is to maximize the trip. Jakarta might be a metropolis that looks busy with its hustle and bustle, but it is no less entertaining than any other destinations we have mentioned. First off, you can stop by the Kota Tua area and Museum Fatahillah to admire the preservation of the Dutch’s colonial age atmosphere. You can also stop by the National Monument, or Monas as the locals pronounce it, to observe the historical landmark in the heart of the city. Don’t miss the side attractions: exploring street culinary through hawkers and small hidden gem restaurants. You can also find remarkable tropical excitement by riding a boat to either Bidadari Island, Macan Island, Tidung Island, or many others in the small archipelago of Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) north of Jakarta. Discover one by yourself and be proud of your findings.


#1 Bali


#ItstimeforBali, the nomor 1 destination in Indonesia for international travelers. No one can deny that the Island of the Gods is the perfect place that will fit in any of your holiday occasions, whether it’s for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, culinary adventure, luxury travel, or adrenaline-seeking trip. It has everything that everyone is looking for: a myriad of beaches, serene places to escape and rejuvenate, rich philosophy within a long-preserved culture, and many others that are too numerous to mention. However, there is only one thing that is definite: Bali is, and will always be, a place everyone can call home.


After seeing all those 10 destinations we recommend to you, now it’s time for you to choose wisely: which destination that you want to change your life with? Make a plan and make it happen sooner. As always, we kindly urge you to learn about international travel regulations to Indonesia and make sure that you meet all the requirements before booking any flight tickets. Last but not least, we encourage you to stay safe, comply with the health protocol, and practice healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, implementing social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Be a responsible traveler along the journey and we wish you a happy holiday!