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Nusa Dua Has Been Chosen As the Pilot Region for "Work from Bali" Program

JAKARTA, 31 MAY 2021 - The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs (Kemenko Marves) said that the Nusa Dua area in Bali has been chosen to be the pilot region for the Work from Bali (WFB) program. This area was chosen because of its single management system, which makes the area easier to control and supervise. The program will then be developed and implemented in other areas of Bali.

It is reported that in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, all participants of the WFB program has been fully vaccinated and has gone through some testing requirements.

"The main objective of the WFB program is to gain trust from domestic tourists. It is also expected that the arrival of civil servants and state-owned enterprise employees will help to recover the economy of Bali, which has been declining because of the pandemic," stated the Deputy Assistant for Tourism and Creative Economy Human Resources Development for the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, Hermin Esti Setyowati, in a written statement on 29 May 2021 in Jakarta.

As a follow-up to the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Support for the Provision of Accommodations for Tourism Improvement in Nusa Dua Bali, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs along with the seven ministries/agencies under its coordination immediately moved to Nusa Dua to implement the WFB program.

Meanwhile, the Director of Operations and Business Innovation of ITDC, Arie Prasetyo, revealed that his priority in the WFB program is to ensure the safety, comfort, and health of all the civil servants and state-owned enterprise employees who participated in the program.

"All hotels in the Nusa Dua area have been granted CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) certification. Today is also the last day of the second phase of COVID-19 vaccination, which involves all employees and business actors around the Nusa Dua area as the recipients," he said.

Arie continued that the Nusa Dua area has an integrated end-to-end service that is valid since the arrival of tourists at the airport.

During the implementation of the Work from Bali program, visitors will go through a thorough examination and data collection process. Visitors are also recommended to only visit establishments within the area that has been granted CHSE certification in order to maintain health protocols.