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Inspiring Stories of Capella Ubud’s Employees in Surviving the Pandemic


Does anyone agree that Ubud is one of the best destinations for winding down in Bali? Stepping afoot in this special place can always make anyone feel serene and peaceful. Even more so when you spend a good time at Capella Ubud, a five-star resort that has successfully earned The Best Hotel No.5 In The World as well as #1 The Best Resort in Asia and Indonesia according to Travel + Leisure magazine in 2021. This luxurious resort has its own appeal as they are very conscious of environmental sustainability and the local community. These can be seen from how there were no trees cut down during the resort’s construction, how they gave full attention to the local community, and how they helped the existence of Keliki village which now has become a well-known place among travelers.

To celebrate World Tourism Day, we interviewed a tourism worker, Ida Ayu Widyantini Arnawa (37 years old), the Reservations & Revenue Manager of Capella Ubud, Bali, who has pushed her effort to keep this hotel business stay afloat during this tough times. Her career journey has been starting since 2008 and in Capella Ubud, she has dedicated her life for 4 years.

So how does Ida Ayu Widyantini Arnawa successfully keep her job? Let’s learn about her inspiring stories below!

Why are you interested in working in the tourism field?

“The reason why I’m interested in working in hospitality field is that because I love to interact with guests who have different cultures and lifestyles.  I also have a tourism school background, so it fits perfectly. Unexpectedly as I go on, it turns out the hospitality field actually has a pretty broad scope. So I became interested in delving into tourism, particularly in the revenue sector.”

What are the ups and downs you felt while working in the tourism field?

“If we’re talking about ups and downs, each job has its own ups and downs. But for me, the downs happen when we give our best to the guest, and it’s still not up to what they want or expect, because service rating is purely subjective, so sometimes that makes me feel a little bit sad and it lingers on my mind too. We’re human so it’s reasonable to catch feelings easily. As for the ups, there’s a lot of course. When we successfully earned an award for the best hotel in the world, that became one of my pride for being able to work in such an accomplished hotel.”

How do you do your work during this pandemic?

“The first time facing this pandemic is certainly the same as others, feeling stressed and saddened, especially since our jobs are severely impacted, but we have to go on and adapt. Luckily, while all hotels are closing because of the pandemic, Capella still operates. So, we can keep serving guests and learn to fulfill the guests' needs. We go through this pandemic by giving the best service to the consumer. We will always keep training ourselves to improve the quality of our service.”

What’s the reason you can keep doing a job in the tourism field during this difficult situation?

“The first is clearly because of the need to earn a living, and also because I’m inspired and proud to be a part of the best hotel in the world, proud that Capella Hotel & Resort has earned the No. 2 Best Brand in the World for two years straight. Added with the full support from the owner, GM, and the management of Capella Ubud who are always ready to support all the staff. That’s what makes me feel comfortable and stay strong until now.”

What’s your message for other tourism and creative economy workers who are also struggling during this pandemic?

“From me, I just want to remind them that we are all in the same situation, my message to all other tourism workers is to keep your spirit by thinking positively, creatively, and innovatively. A lot of my friends used to work in tourism, but now they are reinventing their careers. I'm so proud of them because they are all creative. What’s most important is to always pray for strength from God. It’s also important to maintain your health by doing some light exercise for example, and also don’t forget to always follow the health protocols wherever you are. So that you can stay comfortable when doing activities.”

What’s your hope for tourism in Indonesia?

“My hope is to get this pandemic over with quickly, to form a better relationship with nature as a human, to reach herd immunity as soon as possible through vaccination so that we can welcome international travelers especially in Bali, we also hope that the government can promote Indonesia’s tourism again with the guarantee of safety and healthcare, and lastly, I hope the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy can visit Capella Ubud, Bali. We really want to show our service as one of the best hotels in the world which gave this nation a good name.”

In a condition like this, one of the tips to keep your business afloat is to build a creative innovation while keeping positive thoughts. Let’s support each other to keep our spirit alive so that we can pull through this difficult situation. Hopefully, the local tourism and creative economy industry can also recover together soon enough, so that you’ll be able to travel across Indonesia easily again!


Source of header image: Website Capella Hotels