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5 Stunning Destinations for Your Next Family Trip in Indonesia

When talking about family holidays, we often imagine things like waterpark adventure, theme park, or going to the zoo and meeting the animals. However, there are still many ways to give your family a different yet still exciting holiday, especially if you’re visiting Indonesia. Here are some 5 recommended stunning destinations for amazing family-friendly vacation time!


1. Campervan Adventure, Lake Toba 

The majestic Lake Toba in North Sumatra is known for its exhilarating scenery and cool atmosphere that is perfect to unwind and relax within. Therefore, why not bring your family to an easy adventure around Lake Toba with a campervan? You don’t have to worry about the hassle of preparing the van because there are already many tour operators that provide a fully equipped campervan for you and your family’s convenience. Ride around and marvel at the wonders of the lake while finding a perfect spot to dine in nature with picnic ambience. It’s going to be amazing!


2. Sunrise Hunting, Borobudur


This one is a fitting choice especially if everyone in your family is a morning person. Come to Magelang in Central Java and find the nearest accommodation to the magnificent Borobudur Temple Complex. Enjoy a night of resting and dining with your family before waking up early in the next morning to catch the beautiful sunrise sky. You will definitely be rewarded by a view that is simply out of this world. There are also a lot of travel agencies that will provide you service to get the best “Borobudur Sunrise” experience at the fullest.


3. Tourism Village Tour, Mandalika


Sure, the beaches around the area of Mandalika in Lombok Island - West Nusa Tenggara are beautiful. However, if you’re looking for a distinctive family-friendly experience, you can head a little bit to the north and find Sade Tourism Village. Successfully maintaining their traditions for 15 generations, this village has plenty of attractions that enable you to immerse yourself within their culture and philosophy. Don’t forget to buy some locally handcrafted souvenirs to bring back home!


4. Nautical Exploration, Likupang


Time to bring your kids to see the beauty of the marine life in Likupang; the rare gem from North Sulawesi. The pristine white sands and clear blue waters are already no match to others, but there are still many other exciting things you can enjoy here with your family.  While snorkeling or diving to witness the stunning underwater realm, you might also get a chance to meet the excotic green sea turtles around the area. Furthermore, you can bring your kids to experience jumping on trampolines that are located right on the surface of the water in Paradise Water Sports at the Casabaio Paradise Resort. Sounds like a perfect tropical vacation, right?


5. Live on Board, Labuan Bajo


We know the sunset view at Labuan Bajo in Flores Island is already mesmerizing enough to see from the harbor itself, but believe it when we say that there is a better way to enjoy it. Yes, you can bring your whole family on a live on board experience by sailing around the waters of East Nusa Tenggara with a phinisi boat for several days. Admire the interior of this legendary ship while occasionally stopping by some gorgeous smaller islands and diving into the clear turquoise sea.


This is the time for you to plan something unforgettable; to tighten the family ties and seize all the moments in your tropical vacation in Indonesia to the fullest.  If you’re planning to visit Indonesia this summer with your family, kindly remember to comply with all the health protocols, be a responsible traveler, and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Learn about the latest international travel regulations and follow our social media channels in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia.