Fijne Internationale Toerisme Dag
27 September 2020


Ontdek het prachtige magische land en krijg 10 % korting als beloning

Pak uw voordelen
Mandalika, Lombok

6% voordelig naar Lombok



“We visited the Sareale Village to witness the Ma'nene Tradition. The majority of the people of Toraja are Christian, influenced by the Dutch and they have the most complicated funeral (and post funeral) rituals in the world. For them, life doesn't end after death. The tradition involves digging up the dead, cleaning and grooming them as a mark of respect between life and death 🙏🏼”


“Pinching myself at how beautiful Indonesia is.”


“Watching the sunrise at Borobudur has been magical 💫🗻💕 ”


“Ticking places off my bucketlist: Yogyakarta, checked ✔”