Fatahillah Museum, Historical Landmark to Learn Everything About Jakarta's Past


The Jakarta History Museum (also known as Fatahillah Museum) is housed in the former City Hall located in the old part of the city now known as Jakarta Kota, few hundred meters behind the port and warehouses of Sunda Kelapa. Originally called the Stadhuis, this building was the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company, and later of the Dutch Government.

Built in 1710 by Governor General van Riebeeck, this solid building hides below it notorious dungeons and filthy water prisons. Today, this museum displays the history of Jakarta from prehistoric days to the founding of the town of Jayakarta. The collection includes a replica of the Tugu Inscription that dates back to the 5th century under the reign of the great King Purnawarman, evidence that the center of the Tarumanegara kingdom was located around the present day seaport of Tanjung Priok. his collection reflects the influences of various cultural elements on the City of Batavia, namely from Europe, especially from the Netherlands, from China and India as well as from Indonesia itself.

To bring more life and activities to the Old Batavia square, today the Jakarta Government has organized regular attractions involving local communities and their cultures. On Sundays, shows are performed presenting the Zapin dance, a combination of Betawi and Middle Eastern influences, the Barongsai Chinese lion dance, the Portuguese influenced keroncong music, the typical Betawi Tanjidor music, batik fashion shows, vintage cars parades, food and souvenirs and fireworks.


Get There

The address of the Museum is: 
Jakarta History Museum 
Jalan Taman Fatahillah No 1 West Jakarta
Phone: (62 21) 692-9101/690-1483 
Fax. (62 21) 690-2387

To get there, you can use the TransJakarta bus going to Kota from Blok-M (Corridor 1). Stop at the last terminal, Kota. It'll be a couple of blocks away to the museum.


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