Kanawa Island, The True Experience of Beautiful Beach

The island of Kanawa, only some 15 km from the growing fishermen’s town of Labuan Bajo on Flores, is fringed with a bed of coral reefs teeming with colorful fish all around. Its turquoise water is exceptionally calm and clear. Swimming and snorkeling are most poular family activities here. Dive down the sea from the jetty, and meet schools of fish that cloud the stilts. Hours would pass so quietly as you are busy with all of these beach activities.

The island of Kanawa has two bulging hills with fantastic panorama from its hilltop. Covering only 32-hectare or less than 80-acre land, the island is a hideout from the hidden, yet so close to the burgeoning harbor of Labuan Bajo. This could be the only resort class service that fits the budget of backpackers.

The Rp 250,000 per night bungalows on Kanawa may just be the perfect base for you to start exploring the entire, or part of the Komodo National Park. There is nothing you can do on the island, except everything that the water and the land of the national park around it have to offer. The observation of the Komodo dragon, the water buffalos of Rinca, the male and female palm trees, the savanna of Monkey Mountain in Rinca, and the scenic landscape of the national park are equally astonishing. Moreover, diving and snorkeling in crystal clear waters are just a short walk away when you stay on Kanawa instead of Labuan Bajo.

Amongst sparse beach vegetation that grows between a rocky hill and turquoise water, the eco-friendly property is a delightful ambush. People do not wish to leave too soon. It’s a seamless haven. There are also diving enthusiasts who love to share their latest engagement with the mantas, the wobbegongs, the whale sharks, or the pigmy seahorse found in the diving spots around the island. The music usually turns to become lively during the evening after a time-lapsing moment passing the unworldly episode of a golden sunset.

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