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7 Reasons to Visit Likupang, The Beauty Untouched from Northern Part of Sulawesi


Looking for an incredible tropical destination brimming with a bevy of pearly-white sand beaches and boasting an abundance of lush greenery? Take an hour-long ride from Manado to reach Likupang, Indonesia and soak in the beauty of the natural sights that will rejuvenate your senses. Explore the breathtaking landscape and let these trip ideas refresh you on your unique holiday in Likupang.

1. Bahoi Ecotourism Village

An eco-adventurer’s paradise, the coastal village of Bahoi is a community-based marine-protected area where you can get up close and personal with coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangrove forests.

Let the breeze cool you off as you take a walk on the bridge that runs through the beautiful forest, feel the fine white sand under your feet as you amble along the beach, or marvel at the rich marine life as you enjoy some snorkeling and diving. 

2. Gangga Island

The Gangga Island is certainly a slice of heaven for nature lovers. It offers a gorgeous white-sand beach with azure seawater, a fascinating underwater world, dreamy sunrise and sunset views, wonderful dive sites, and exotic resorts. What more could you ask for?

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3. Paal Beach

Take a leisurely meander down the Paal beach, chill in a gazebo, gaze at the surrounding hills, dip your feet in the bright blue water, bask under the warm sun or go for a speedboat ride.


Spending some time on this calm and clean beach is a great source of stress relief.

4. Pulisan Beach & Hills

The Pulisan Beach is yet another perfect spot to relax and unwind. Trek through the green savanna hills, explore the rock pools and caves, try snorkeling or take an invigorating swim in the crystal-clear water.


5. Lihaga Island

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Image by harivalzayuka

Wrapped in a sugary-white stretch of sand and surrounded by breathtaking turquoise seawater, Lihaga Island is a true beach lover’s delight. This tiny uninhabited island is a hidden gem offering stunning scenic vistas and great snorkeling opportunities.

6. Larata Hill

Admire the panoramic views of the sea from the top of the grassy Larata Hill in Kinunang village. The huge expanse of the green grass and the brilliant hues of the blue water are bound to add a magical atmosphere to your photos.

7. Likupang Beach

Likupang Beach is one of the most amazing beaches in Indonesia showcasing soft white sand, calm blue seawater, and green rolling hills. Lounge on the charming beach, spot a green turtle, or strap on some flippers and go on a snorkeling tour in the translucent water.

A boat ride from the Likupang Beach will transport you to the not-so-far Bunaken National Marine Park that’s home to a rich coral ecosystem with extraordinary biodiversity and offers some of the best dive sites in Indonesia.

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Another popular attraction close to Likupang is the Lembeh Strait that’s famous for its muck diving and macro underwater photography. 

Wildlife enthusiasts can hop over to the nearby Tangkoko Nature Reserve and grab the chance to witness rare endemic species like tarsiers, the crested black macaques, maleo birds, cuscus, and hornbills.

So enjoy the brilliance of the unspoiled beaches, snorkel, and dive to your heart's content, and be surrounded by the immense beauty of nature on your next Likupang trip. Have a great time and return completely invigorated! (HR)