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Story of the Local: The Tale of How Lakon Indonesia Maintains National Identity through Their Work on Modern Batik


After successfully holding a fashion show entitled "PakaianKoe: A Journey to Java" on November 15, 2020, Lakon Indonesia became known as a cultural preservation platform, besides being recognized as a local clothing line. Theresia Mareta, founder and the mastermind behind Lakon Indonesia's works and innovations, strives for the brand. Indonesia.Travel was lucky enough to be given a chance to chat with Theresia and her brand evolution.

Could you tell us what Lakon Indonesia is and how it all started for those who might not be familiar?

"Lakon Indonesia is a cultural ecosystem I created because I was concerned about preserving Indonesian culture. I heard stories from a batik artisan, who has had a difficult time fulfilling their needs. He even encouraged his grandchildren to pursue other professions besides being a batik craftsman. If this continues, batik as the nation's identity can be lost. So, I founded Lakon Indonesia, to preserve this culture.

Apart from her worries about traditional cultures slowly beginning to disappear, Theresia also explained her interests in batik. She admitted that she had fallen in love with this Indonesian heritage ever since she was a child. The name Lakon itself was inspired by stories of unique Indonesian creators, whose stories are vibrant.

"Every product in Lakon Store was the result of the life experiences or life stories of creators, expressed through their creations."

karisma batik

Before, you explained that Lakon Indonesia is a cultural ecosystem, what can we find in Lakon Indonesia in regards to this?

"Lakon consists of three elements: Lakon Store, Lakon Indonesia, and Teras Lakon. These elements have the function to accommodate local brands, support contemporary cultural actors, help traditional artisans and craftsmen, and be a meeting place for various parties, sharing a common concern for cultural preservation."

Showcasing fashion products of  Lakon Indonesia in PakaianKoe

Let’s flashback to the PakaianKoe event. As a fashion brand, where did you find the inspiration to design such unique and eccentric collections showcased in PakaianKoe?

"Well, "PakaianKoe: A Journey to Java" is a form of collaboration between Lakon Indonesia and craftsmen in Java. For about a year, we worked together to create different artworks, unique ones. The collection was inspired by people's daily lives on the island of Java, from their life in the market, traditional dances, folk theater, and their places of worship. "

Are there any specific strategies that you implemented to introduce Lakon Indonesia to the local and international audience?

newest collection of Lakon Indonesia entitled Alba

"I think more on representing a product that is of high quality but with suitable price. A touch of Indonesia is also developed deeper so that there is a "soul" in every product. For me, a marketing strategy that is more powerful than any strategy is when the buyer is satisfied with their purchased product."

What is your biggest hope towards the modern generation through the creation of Lakon Indonesia?

Location of Lakon Store in Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading

"Lakon Indonesia hopes that everyone, namely the millennial generation, can appreciate what we have. This is the first thing we must cultivate together. Here, Lakon Indonesia stands as a forum that functions to collect information and know more about Nusantara's cultural heritage's intricacies."

Lakon Indonesia strives to preserve one of Indonesia’s most ancient heritage, Batik. With the innovations of these local MSMEs, Indonesia will continue to put forth great developments of its culture. You can check out Lakon Indonesia and its vibrant batik products on its official website and stores!