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우리의 광복절

코모도 국립공원

전설이 가득한 곳


평온한 휴식


왕궁 방문



“If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it make a sound..?..Sambori Island is the definition of peacefulness, I’ve never felt so alone yet so alive at the same time.”


“Pinching myself at how beautiful Indonesia is.”


“We visited the Sareale Village to witness the Ma'nene Tradition. The majority of the people of Toraja are Christian, influenced by the Dutch and they have the most complicated funeral (and post funeral) rituals in the world. For them, life doesn't end after death. The tradition involves digging up the dead, cleaning and grooming them as a mark of respect between life and death 🙏🏼”


“Ticking places off my bucketlist: Yogyakarta, checked ✔”

관광지 하이라이트

발리/덴파사르 (DPS)

서울 (ICN)

Start From KRW 596,800

자카르타 (CGK)

서울 (ICN)

Start From KRW 514,000

롬복 (LOP)

서울 (ICN)

Start From KRW 758,500

VIWI Packages

VIWI Packages

Start From USD 76*

Tourism VIllage

Tourism VIllage Package

Start From USD 18.50
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