These 5 Destinations Will Deliver A Stunning Experience for Your 2020


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia has officially put five destinations as priority destinations for Indonesia’s tourism. These stunning destinations are Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo and Likupang. Filled with gorgeous natural sceneries, crystal clear underwater life, pristine beaches, and historical sites, it is definitely something that will paint your 2020 with beautiful colors.

Lake Toba

When searching for pictures of Lake Toba, you can easily mistake it for an ocean. It is no surprise as it is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of the deepest lakes in the world.

lake toba

Better yet? It is located right in the caldera of a supervolcano. It is over 1,145 square km, with a depth of 450 meters. Pristine and relaxing scenery, this picturesque view is perfect for a getaway from everything.

Things to See

With lush trees around the magnificent lake, all the spots are picturesque at Lake Toba. Wake up in the morning to visit these spots and immerse yourself in the beauty of the two traditional villages for a taste of authentic Indonesia. Make sure you don’t miss visiting their fascinating museum located by the lake. For more ideas, you can check out this Lake Toba itinerary for your next trip! 

Things to Do

There are a lot of activities to take part in at Lake Toba, but the best thing for you to do at Lake Toba is to explore the great Lake Toba itself by kayaking. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is truly amazing because you get to see so much while savoring the cool breeze and relaxing atmosphere.

After that, you can also enjoy camping or even glamping in a lot of Lake Toba attractions like the Kaldera Nomadic Escape. Located on Sibisa, Ajibata Sub-district, you can immerse yourself in the natural wonderland and also have modern touches. After all, it is called glamour camping.

To taste the tradition of the locals, you can also visit the traditional villages that consist of their traditional wooden houses. You can also participate in their festive dances like the Tor-Tor.

Things to Buy

Lake Toba has plenty of souvenirs you can take home with you, one being the beautiful Ulos. It is unique with bold colors and makes a great souvenir to take back home. Be sure to also taste all the local food in Lake Toba as it is super tasty and rich in flavor! 

For the coffee-lovers out there, don’t forget to buy the amazing Arabica coffee beans called the Sumatra Mandheling. Definitely, something you would love to take home and savor, make sure to bring enough!


The massive ancient temple of Borobudur is one of the greatest cultural icons of Southeast Asia. The temple comprises of a wide structure topped by three engraved circular platforms with more than 2000 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.


As the largest Buddhist temple in the world, you can imagine the majestic atmosphere that the temple radiates. Walk around the sites and experience the historical walk as you learn about the ancient Sailendra dynasty that built it.

Things to See

The magical sunrise and magnificent sunset at Borobudur temple are things you shouldn’t miss out on. Go early and enjoy the majestic ancient temple bathed in the golden rays of the sun. The views of the temple can be enjoyed from the bottom of the temple or the top, so any spot is the best spot in Borobudur. You could always find a great spot for your Borobudur Instagram post all around the place. Whether it’s from the massive green grass area surrounding the temple or between the stupas atop of Borobudur.

For those who love ancient architecture, Borobudur is a must-visit place. How could it not? Borobudur was built in the 9th century of stones and without any glue. Borobudur is also a perfect destination for aerial videographers. You could witness the perfectly constructed massive monument.

Around Borobudur, you can also visit beaches, caves, reservoirs as well as many more beautiful spots!

Things to Do

There are a lot of things you can check out for trip ideas around Borobudur. Plan your whole itinerary filled with the best Borobudur attractions. Enjoy a historical and spiritual journey at Borobudur temple as Borobudur was conceived as a Buddhist vision of the cosmos. Learn the ancient history of the Sailendra dynasty that built the temple through stories which engraved in thousands of panels all around the temple. Another attraction that deserves a spot in your Borobudur itinerary is to enter the temple through the corridors that lead to rich sequences of stone reliefs consisting of early Javanese culture and Buddhist doctrines. 

Start your spiritual journey from the bottom of the temple to the top to witness the journey to enlightenment which is pictured in the forms of stone reliefs and stupas. You could also fly drones to take aerial pictures or videos of the structure that resemble a three-dimensional tantric mandala.

Things to Buy

You don’t need to worry about souvenirs, there are a lot of places to buy souvenirs in Borobudur like the vendors just outside the temple complex. You can buy various handcrafted artworks that resemble the ancient Sailendra dynasty culture and Javanese culture.  

Feeling hungry? There are also a lot of restaurants near Borobudur including street food vendors, local restaurants, and cafes to fulfill your appetite for Borobudur traditional food and international dishes.


A beautiful district just 48 km away from Manado, the northern-most part of Sulawesi, Likupang sure does offer a lot to their visitors.


How can this stunning area not be included in the five priority destinations for traveling in Indonesia? It is filled with beautiful beaches!

Things to See

The first thing that comes in mind when visiting Likupang is the many beautiful Likupang beaches. There is Pulisan beach which has white sandy beaches in contrast with their crystal clear blue waters. You can also visit the coral that is in the shape of a cave. Another beach in Likupang is the Paal beach which is also one of the favorites due to its relaxing nature and it is best to rejuvenate yourself.

You can also visit Pulisan hill, also around the Pulisan beach, you can see the waters from up high and is definitely one of the panoramas you would never want to miss.

Things to Do

An amazing Likupang trip idea is island hopping all around Likupang. It is known to have the best clear waters and also a great relaxing vibe to it. Try visiting islands like Lihaga island or Gangga island, with no inhabitants making it the best place to snorkel and enjoy the aquatic life.

You can also visit the Bahoi Village Ecotourism, a fisherman village in the western part of Likupang, where they have their very own Likupang attraction. Here you can see the colorful fish and untouched corals even from above. They also have mangrove forests that you can visit.

Things to Buy

What better way to spend your time in Likupang than to spend it with the traditional food in Likupang? One of the favorite dishes from Likupang cuisine is the Tinutuan or the Manado porridge. It’s basically porridge but with slices of pumpkin, sweet potatoes, sweet corn and spinach.

You definitely should try the Rica-rica sauce that is normally paired with chicken, beef or fish. This local condiment is a sauce that is made of tomato, chili, garlic, shallots, and ginger blended together and cooked in coconut oil then further mixed with lime slices. Truly spicy and delicious, perfect for a hearty lunch-time meal.


The ultimate paradise right in the heart of Lombok, Mandalika is a wide stretch of beautiful white sandy beach facing the crystal clear Indian ocean. The island is enchanting and the best for leisure and immersing in true relaxation.


Here, it is vibrant and luxurious, equalling its neighboring island, Bali. It is also filled with its own unique culture and definitely deserves a spot in this must-visit destination list.

Things to See

As the home for island-life relaxation, of course, the best thing to check out around Mandalika is their beaches. This includes the Mandalika Beach, Tanjung Aan, Kuta, Gerupuk, Serenting, and Seger Beach and many other Mandalika tourism spots. The waves are incredibly melodious and charming as they crash gently onto the sandy beaches.

Not only beautiful from the outside but you can also go snorkeling in most places around Mandalika and check out the beautiful aquatic life underwater. Another amazing spot to visit is the Merese Hill and Batu Payung Beach where you can find the best panoramas of Lombok from up above.

Things to Do

One of the best Mandalika trip ideas is by rejuvenating yourself with the relaxing vibe of the beaches, but also the luxurious spas you can find all around the area. There are also many Mandalika attractions that are vibrant and fun-filled like their bars and nightclubs where you can have the most fun with your friends.

Snorkel and get active with the many water sports you can find on their beaches. You can also go fishing around most beaches. Don’t forget to stay until the evening when the sun sets to the horizon. Also, island-hop or stroll around the traditional villages.

Things to Buy

There are lots to buy around Mandalika, especially the souvenirs. What’s even better is the Mandalika traditional food all around the island. It is absolutely mandatory to try the food of the Sasak tribe, the indigenous people on the island.

The fiery sambal and satay rembiga (skewered grilled beef cubes) is a unique twist for your tastebuds. Babi guling, or roasted pork meat often paired with steamed rice sambal. You should also definitely try the bebalung or beef soup as well as the sayur nangka which is jackfruit curry. The Taliwang roasted chicken is also spicy and delicious to eat.

Labuan Bajo

The shining gem of the Island of Flores, Labuan Bajo is the perfect getaway destination in East Nusa Tenggara. You might have heard about Labuan Bajo because of the existence of the Komodo Island, but, that’s not all Labuan Bajo can offer.

labuan bajo

There are other islands you can explore, such as the famous Padar Island. You can feel the piece of Heaven on earth where you will be spoiled by the amazing landscape consists of hills and virgin beaches.

Things to See

Visit the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Komodo National Park and witness the majestic ancient predator the Komodo Dragon habitat. Not just Labuan Bajo Komodo Dragon, the National Park is also home to fascinating wildlife both on land and underwater. 

Prepare for the best adventure of your lifetime by Island hopping all around Labuan Bajo and visiting Labuan Bajo’s best spots. Visit the pieces of Heaven on earth with the islands near Labuan Bajo like Padar Island, Kelor Island, Gili Laba and be one with nature. In Labuan Bajo, you don’t need to look far for Instagrammable spots since they are everywhere. From the gorgeous Pink Beach to the magical Kelimutu Lake, and the hidden Rangko Cave, every place is Instagrammable.

Things to Do

There are whole other dimensions you can explore in every Labuan Bajo attraction. The best Labuan Bajo trip ideas for your Labuan Bajo itinerary is exploring the islands itself and checking out the magnificent view. Learning about the local culture in the exotic village of Wae Rebo, the magnificent rice field at Cangar Village is one of the many things to do in Labuan Bajo. There is also a very deep megalithic history you could learn at Bena Traditional Village. 

Other than that, you could obviously have a lot of fun by diving at Manta Point, stroll along the beaches, trekking up the hills, and exploring the virgin island.

Things to Buy

You shouldn’t miss your chance to buy the traditional Flores Songket as the most unique Labuan Bajo souvenirs, cause you won’t find the authentic one anywhere else. There are a lot of artworks you could buy at Labuan Bajo since Florenese people are skilled carvers, you could find a lot of carvings products. 

For coffee lovers, you shouldn’t miss the exotic traditional Florenese coffee. The coffee is grown and produced in most parts of the Flores highlands and known for its unique and great taste. There are also many restaurants in Labuan Bajo that offer traditional food.


These 5 gems of Wonderful Indonesia definitely offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Come and feel the time travel experience, magnificent scenery, and many more adventures in the realm of Indonesia to make your 2020 an unforgettable year!