6 Best Family-Bonding Activities to Make Your Bali Trip Memorable


After spending so much time at home with your family during the quarantine phase, you’d be longing to go on a relaxing trip with them once travel resumes. If you’re looking for a whole package, then there’s nothing better than the exquisite tropical charm of Bali. Besides the beautiful beaches and lush rice terraces, Bali offers many exciting family-bonding activities that you can enjoy together. Here are our recommendations:

1 | Explore the Stunning Lovina Beach

family bonding

Take your family on a vacation of a lifetime to Lovina Beach. Located along the coast of northwestern Bali, this destination is ideal for those who want to relax amidst the serenity of breathtaking sea landscapes. The exotic combination of soft sand and calm waves can be enjoyed by you and your children alike. You can go on a boat ride to spot some dolphin pods and indulge in both dolphin-watching and panoramic ocean views at the same time. This beach can be easily reached by car from the Denpasar area in 2 hours.

2 | Relax at Kebun Raya Bali

Spending time in nature strengthens your family bond. And what better way to enjoy nature than by visiting Kebun Raya Bali situated in Tabanan. A 1.5-hour drive away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, this garden offers plenty of outdoor activities, including cycling and trekking. Take a morning stroll; observe the vibrant flowers and unique plant species such as the begonia flowers and the Mexican shrimp plant. You and your family can also enjoy educational events and learn the how-tos of flora conservation. 


3 | Explore the Water Attractions at New Kuta Green Park

A water park is a perfect place to have a family-bonding experience. Slide and ride with your family at New Kuta Green Park and spend an adventurous day in the island of the gods. This 5-hectare park is located at the Pecatu Indah Resort, in the southern coastal region of Bali, next to the New Kuta Beach. Be enthralled by the spectacular scenery of the beachfront as you enjoy the exciting rides.

New Kuta Green Park offers a family-friendly water park experience that is suitable for all ages. In addition to the children's pool, there are kids’ slides, giant water-splashing buckets, and water fountains for children. For teenagers and adults who love challenges, there are two 10-meter-tall water slides called Rajawali and Rangkong, and a wavy 8-meter-tall Merak slide shaped like a peacock's tail. The entrance fee is relatively cheap.

4 | Admire the Art Masks at Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets

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Planning a cultural trip with your family? Visit Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets, and learn about the traditional masks and puppets of Indonesia. Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets holds a huge collection of masks and puppets originating from different regions of Indonesia and from around the world, and these have been on public display since 2006. This reference collection comprises approximately more than 1,300 masks and 5,700 puppets.

Situated just a few miles away from the center of Ubud, the House of Masks and Puppets covers an area of more than one hectare and is surrounded by traditional Balinese villages and rice terraces. Established for the purpose of preservation, education, and entertainment, Setia Darma House of Mask and Puppets provides facilities such as a conference hall, a tropical garden, exhibition rooms, performance buildings, a Balinese house, a wedding venue, a theater, a discussion room, a coffee shop, and an amphitheater with a capacity of 500 people.

5 | Stroll through the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

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Children love animals and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary will undoubtedly make your kids’ hearts burst with joy. Located in the heart of Ubud’s lush greenery, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is home to more than 700 grey long-tailed macaques and numerous tall nutmeg trees. Thanks to its community-based management, location, and ease of access, it has become a popular wildlife reserve in Bali.

Here, you can watch funny macaques swinging through the trees and feeding on bananas in their natural habitat. Guided by a ranger, you can also take some amazing family selfies with the enchanted forest setting in the backdrop. Bask in the mysterious yet calming vibe of the forest as you explore the several ancient temples having guardian statues covered in moss under dense foliage with little sunlight. 

6 | Rediscover Nature at Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Take your family to Campuhan Ridge for a scenic family-bonding experience in Bali. Reconnect with nature as you walk through the beautiful green hills and rice terraces.

Located strategically at the center of Ubud, Campuhan Ridge might be a bit tricky to find. Hire an online taxi, ride in the direction of the Warwick IBAH Luxury Villas and Spa, and take the road on left to reach Campuhan Ridge.

Campuhan Ridge Walk should be on top of your Bali family holiday itinerary as it has become one of the most popular spots in Ubud. It is recommended that you visit early in the morning so you can avoid crowds and fully enjoy the serene atmosphere of this location.


Excited to experience all of these family-bonding activities with your family? So, plan ahead for your future post-pandemic family holiday. Hopefully, there will be some good news soon, because InDOnesia CARE has been preparing to welcome tourists back by strongly encouraging the implementation of Cleanliness-Health-Safety-Environmental Sustainability protocols. Let’s keep our travel dreams alive.