5 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Hour This Year at Your Home

Some of you might ask, what is Earth Hour? Once a year, people around the globe will switch off their electricity for about 60 minutes at the same time in a worldwide event called Earth Hour. This event encourages the public to participate in an effort to promote sustainable energy and prevent global warming. Would the lack of electricity make Earth Hour less fun to celebrate? Definitely not true at all, since there are so many exciting things we can do in our home with friends and family by taking advantage of the dark. Here are some of our recommendations on Earth Hour activity ideas!


1. Dinner in the dark


This is the only perfect time for you to maximize the romantic ‘candlelight dinner’ moment. Plan your  dinner menus for an Earth Hour, bring your loved ones to the dining table, light some candles, and serve your precious cooking! If you're looking for a challenging dish to make, try finding some inspiration from Lombok traditional cuisine here. Bring the distinctive taste to make the romantic dinner even more impressive!


2. Have a night of board games, card games, or book readings in candle-light


There are many board games you can play during Earth Hour. Even if you go for the traditional Dungeons & Dragons, the moment would still be unforgettable. Card games would also be cool, go for domino stacks, blackjack, or UNO cards. If you prefer a non-competitive storytelling experience, try a book-reading session by forming a circle with your friends and the candle lights in the background. It’s going to be legend–wait for it–dary!


3. Camp in your backyard or living room


If you have a large backyard, you can build a tent and camp with your friends. Make a little campfire, sing a couple of songs to warm the nights out, and tighten the bonds with your loved ones. Don’t have a backyard? A large living room can also work! Just be sure to change the “campfire” concept with a hurricane light. Find some inspiration on decorating your tent by looking at some glamping sites in Indonesia in this article.


4. Practice some night-photography or try out "light-painting"


Camera-enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine! Look up for some night photography ideas and experiment with your gears. Who knows, maybe this time you’ll manage to capture one of the best pictures you can display in your portfolio. You can also bring your friends and loved ones and ask them if they want to be your models. If you're in Bali during Earth Hour, you can go to Pandawa Beach for an extraordinary night photography session on the shores. Doesn’t matter if the results don't come out as you expected. You’re still going to have a good time anyway!


5. Indoor scavenger hunt


Children love getting gifts, but giving them in a more joyful gimmick would make it more meaningful for them. Take advantage of this Earth Hour event by preparing an indoor scavenger hunt with kids! Hide the “treasures” by scattering them around the house and make a list of clues for your children to find by themselves. Don’t forget to also give them a pen and a flashlight to guide their way within the darkness. Looking for some inspirations for the treasure gifts? Try incorporating Indonesia's traditional pattern into some DIY memento crafts. Let this article guide you into the details and happy crafting!


Earth Hour should be celebrated with exciting things, and we hope that these recommendations can help you to prepare for it.  As always, we need to remind you to never forget to keep practicing healthy habits such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask in public places, and implementing social distancing. Follow our social media channels at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok.