5 Fun Ideas to Spend Your New Year from Home!

The holiday season is about to begin! This means new year’s eve will also be approaching soon enough. It's time for you to get some plans in your mind on what to do during this special occasion already. With limited choices, it may be difficult for you to pick the perfect activities to do during the end of the year, considering that the pandemic still occurs throughout the world. If you’re out of options, then you’re in luck! This time, we would like to give you several exciting ideas that will make your new year celebration at home memorable. Let’s check them out together below!


1. Decorate your room


New year celebration means welcoming new things, and that includes bringing a new soul into your room! As the end of the year approaches, buy some colorful paints, brushes, rollers, and a bunch of other home decorating tools to freshen up your room. During the pandemic, a lot of people discovered their newfound creativity by doing DIY projects. For starters, try making a Batik-inspired collage and hang it on your bedroom wall! Give your bedroom a touch of artistic stroke with a display of vibrant Batik patterns that hold a deep meaning behind them. We recommend starting with these six popular Batik patterns, which include Megamendung, Parang Rusak, Truntum, Kawung, Pekalongan, and Gentongan Madura. Show how affectionate you are by displaying a Truntum pattern or declare your love for liberty by displaying a Gentongan Madura pattern!


2. Create your yearly memory keepsakes


Missing all the great moments you had throughout the year? Reminisce these unforgettable moments creatively by making DIY keepsake crafts as things to do for the new year! There are many kinds of keepsake crafts that you can try your hands on. Try creating a decorative frame to put your favorite holiday photos in! Add a certain theme to the frame to make it even more special. Arrange all of your best holiday moments together by making a photo garland. Make a lively scrapbook featuring your past travel memories. Build a calendar based on the best photos you captured during your vacation. Other than expanding your creative skills, all of these crafts will instantly bring back all those precious memories you had.


3. Host a virtual New Year eve celebration with friends


New Year's Eve is a perfect time to share a good time with friends. Celebrate the end of the year by hosting a virtual party with your best friends! While the pandemic separates us from meeting with our friends face-to-face, luckily we’re still able to get together virtually. To make your virtual new year party even more festive, put some gorgeous online virtual backgrounds such as the wonderful sceneries of Indonesia’s nature. Display the tropical beauty of Diamond Beach in Nusa Penida, show your friends the heavenly panorama of Raja Ampat, or impress them with the magnificence of Borobudur Temple. Not only eye-soothing, but these spectacular destinations can also inspire your friends to embark on a vacation in the upcoming year together.


4. Set up a family dinner with a special menu


What’s a new year’s celebration without having a big delightful dinner? As one of the best things to do for the new year, having a festive dinner will always be guaranteed to put a smile on everyone involved. Looking for a special new year menu plan worth trying? Give Indonesian foods a try! Blessed with a variety of herbs and spices, as well as diverse ethnicities with their signature recipes,  Indonesia offers a wide array of tasty dishes. Cook a huge batch of Rendang for the whole family, make your new year celebration joyful with a warm bowl of Baso, or cook some sweet and savory Martabak to accompany your movie marathon.


5. Plan your next inspiring holiday while waiting for the countdown


With a lot of time available during the new year, why not try setting up a plan for your next holiday? While the pandemic still occurs, it might be difficult for us to hold our urge to go on a vacation to celebrate the new year. However, planning a holiday surely can ease said urge for a moment. During new year’s eve, take a virtual trip across Indonesia by watching some travel videos to have a glance at the amazing things awaiting you here to get you inspired.


As you're preparing for these brilliant new year’s eve ideas, make sure that you always remember the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which include wearing your mask in public spaces, keeping your distance from others, and regularly washing your hands.