Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali


Before going to some awesome place for a holiday, the first thing you must check is the local weather during your getaway dates. It is quite important to do some research on it, to make sure that your itinerary matches the expected weather. Travelling to Indonesia is the perfect choice to indulge in the country's many wonders. Bali, as one of the world’s most famous islands for natural beaches and cultural wonders is Indonesia’s top tourist destination. Bali’s weather is  suitable for leisure and pleasure almost all year long.

Bali is situated near the equator, approximately 8 degrees south of it. Here you will experience the temperature to be warm and humid. The two main seasons are: the Dry Season and the Rainy Season. The dry season usually comes around April to September, while the rainy season will typically occur from October to March. But with global warming, and shifting climate phenomena all over the world, these forecasts will sometimes not go entirely as predicted. You may occasionally experience rain during the dry season, or perhaps enjoy blazing sun rays all week in the middle of the rainy season. Not to worry though, Bali is still enjoyable under any weather, as long as you keep the fun spirit of your holiday. Bali offers a lot of activities to choose from for backup plans, in case your first plan didn’t fit the weather.

The high season to visit Bali is around the months of July to August, because it’s also the national school holidays in Indonesia. December to January are that time when visitors of the world aim to spend their Christmas and New Year holidays on Bali's exciting beaches with parties held throughout the resorts.  During the low and rainy season, various travel promotions and discounts on accommodation are great value for grabs.

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Let’s review, what sort of activities you can enjoy best during both seasons:

1. In the Dry season

Beaches are cleaner during the dry season, so sunbathing and other water activities by the coastline are all fun in the sun. Try the water jetpacks and flyboarding to feel thrusted up into the sky. White water rafting is perfect to try during this time, because the river currents are not as rough and deep as during the wet season.  

2. The Rainy season

The sea will be rougher during much rainfall, and you may find debris washed up onto the shore, but it is still safe to do some watersports. You can do your shopping spree and visit Bali’s exclusive malls, boutiques and art shops to find good deals and unique souvenirs.

And there are also an array of joyful activities suitable in any weather :

1. Restaurant hopping

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Find out and taste local delicacies in an abundant choice of restaurants. If you love seafood, visit Jimbaran, for a seafood dining experience right on the beach.

2. Games at the museum

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

You will get a chance to fill those memory cards and happily laugh out loud when visiting these fun museums. Visit the Upside Down World Bali and Pasifika Museum to enrich your knowledge while having fun at the same time. For a more cultural and specialty museum, visit the The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Puri Lukisan Museum in the centre of Ubud, the Neka Museum in Campuhan and the Agung Rai Museum of Art, in Pengosekan.

3. Experience the underwater

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Try this exciting water adventure being a seawalker without even knowing how to swim. Walk around the seabed and watch the wonderful underwater world up close, without having to own a diving license. This activity is suitable for most ages to enjoy.

4. Learn and create something new

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

While spending your holiday, Bali also offers places for you to learn dancing, cooking and creating jewelry or handicrafts. This way, not only do you get a chance to enjoy the natural wonders, but you will also make time to understand and experience the famous Balinese culture.

5. Healing yoga and meditation

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Find balance of mind and soul in focusing yourself through meditation. Practice the art of Yoga to readjust your posture, flex your muscles and improve your health through proper breathing techniques.  Bali houses more and more shala with various wonderful natural settings of your choice.

6. Pampering in a spa

Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Linger in the tranquil and scent-full aroma of a traditional Balinese spa. Unwind in the rich herbs used for massages and baths. Rejuvenate yourself and renew your energy with the soothing acupressure and various styles of reflexology.


The best time to visit Bali is in the months of March to June and September. Holiday adventures are times to open your mind and embrace new things. Regardless of Bali’s weather, we can definitely find fun anywhere here all year. In the high tourist season where it’s so busy, you can find refuge in some hidden paradise in central and north Bali, the quieter part of the island. In the low season where it may seem less bustling there are always vibrant places to splurge on parties.

However, due to the pandemic situation, the government has been putting its utmost effort for the preparation of Bali’s tourism reactivation. We will keep updating you until the time is right to travel again. Meanwhile, we kindly urge you to stay safe and stay healthy.