Looking for The Best Experience Around Lake Toba? These 10 Spots will Complete Your Trip!


Lake Toba is one of North Sumatra’s year-round favorite spots. Being one of Indonesia’s 5 super-priority destinations, its popularity soars as it gets revamped to become one of the new exotic places to visit in Indonesia. Opt for a bus/car ride from Medan to Lake Toba or take a short flight from Medan to Silangit Airport that’s a 1.5-hour car ride away from Lake Toba. Looking for fresh Medan trip ideas? Add these 10 recommendations to your Lake Toba itinerary and have a ripping time at these tourist spots around Lake Toba.

1| Explore The TukTuk Siadong Village

The verdant landscape, the Batak architecture, the variety of accommodations, and the plethora of recreation opportunities make TukTuk Siadong a favorite tourism spot near Lake Toba.

Head out on a biking adventure around the village, visit a wood-carving workshop, and try some local food. Enjoy water sports like canoeing, diving, jet-skiing, boating, fishing, and swimming.

2| Take A Bath at Sipoholon Hot Springs

Submerge yourself in Sipoholon Hot Springs for the ultimate relaxing and healing soak that will give your skin a radiant glow.

lake toba

The blue sulfurous water against the backdrop of orange, yellow, and green of the limestone hills will evoke the photographer in you.

3| Chill Like A Bird in Nantampukmas Nest

Curl up in the giant bird’s nest near Nantampukmas Hotel and feel free as a bird. Capture amazing pictures as you enjoy the delightful view from this amazing platform.

4| Paddle around The Lake

Hop in a kayak and paddle around Lake Toba. Ideal for beginners, this once-in-a-lifetime experience offers magnificent views of the lush rolling hills surrounding the crystal clear lake.

lake toba

5| Ride a Motorbike along The Coastline

Cruise along Lake Toba’s spectacular coastline on a motorbike, one of the best ways to explore this place. Rent a bike and venture out to admire the luscious greenery and the pleasant vibe.

6| Taste The Savory Batak Foods

Sink your teeth into some local food.

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Arsik, a spicy fish dish, mie gomak, a spicy noodle dish, na niura, raw goldfish served with condiments, daun ubi tumbuk, a soupy cassava leaves dish, and napi nadir, a chicken curry, are some of the specialties.

7| Enjoy Coffee on The Cliffs of Huta Tinggi

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Find a spot on one of the wooden platforms at the edge of the cliffs in Huta Tinggi and sip on a cup of coffee in the cool atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful view.

8| Admire The Ancient Court Ruins in Ambarita

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Enjoy the blend of history and culture in Ambarita where elegant Batak houses provide a beautiful setting for the megalithic stone table and chairs of the historical court of justice.

9| Learn about The Batak Culture at The Batak Museum

The 3-storied Batak Museum at the TB Silalahi Center displays various historical Batak

lake toba

items including scripts, artifacts, currency, statues, miniature traditional houses, and traditional clothing.

10| Shop Ulos Cloth at Lumban Suhi-Suhi

lake toba

The Lumban Suhi-Suhi village is known for producing beautiful Ulos that are the pride of the Batak people. This traditional naturally-dyed and hand-woven cloth has various motifs, and different kinds of Ulos have different ceremonial significance.

Berastagi, Sibolga, Pematangsiantar, and Sidikalang are other exciting areas to explore in North Sumatera that make it a special destination full of adventure and fun.

So get up close with the charm and serenity of Lake Toba that offers sweeping vistas of North Sumatra’s volcanic peaks. With so many things to do around the lake, there's no doubt you'll have an incredible time. (HR)