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Pamper Yourself at These Favourite Spas in Bintan


Spa treatment in Bintan Island has been increasingly popular over the years, so why not pamper yourself and revitalize your body and soul. Slide into a moment of pure bliss as your body is treated by the hands of professional masseuses, and your mind drifts into its inner sanctuary. Massages are known to help blood circulation, release tension and stress. Spa getaway is perfect for those looking to unwind. While in Bintan, why not enjoy one or two of our selected recommendations? Because we know you deserve a break even on your holiday!


1 | Aroma River Spa

Pamper Yourself at These Favourite Spas in Bintan
Photo source: www.mutiarabintan.com

Located on the east side of Bintan, Aroma River Spa is an extension of Mutiara Beach Guesthouse and is accessible by car from anywhere on the island. The treatment is done in little pavilions that are perched just above a peaceful river, creating a tranquil natural environment for its guests. The spa itself is famous for its signature Traditional Riau Body Massage, a 75 minute massage done by a local using techniques that have been used for decades in Riau, and the De-Stress River Package, which consists of a 105 minute massage and scrub to allow complete relaxation.


Jalan Trikora Km.55 @ "Blue Rock"
Telok Dalam, Bintan (East Coast),
Riau Islands, Indonesia

Website: http://www.mutiarabintan.com/index.php/pages/aroma-river-spa


2 | Spa Angsana Bintan

Pamper Yourself at These Favourite Spas in Bintan

Inside the property of Angsana Bintan Hotel, lies the award-winning resort Spa with a picturesque view of the South China Sea. The techniques applied at this spa are a blend of Asian traditional massages with a touch of European influence. According to its website, the spa uses freshly-compounded body treats comprising of locally-derived ingredients, such as the Brown Sugar Milk Body Polish and Bengkoang Coffee Body Conditioner. Each experience is customised perfectly for the optimal comfort and relief of the guests, making Angsana an absolute favourite. Each of Angsana’s high standard treatment focuses on the qi of the body and circulates the flow of energy within. The treatments can be customised to suit the guests’ preference. 

Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan,
Lagoi 29155
Bintan Resorts Indonesia

Website: http://www.angsanaspa.com/find-a-spa/angsana-spa-bintan


3 | Banyan Tree Spa Bintan

Pamper Yourself at These Favourite Spas in Bintan
Photo source: www.banyantreespa.com

Yet another international standard spa is the Banyan Tree Spa. The spa is quite similar to Angsana in terms of professionalism and setting, however it differs in the style of the massages. Banyan Tree Spa focuses more on Indonesian methods, using local ingredients for their products as well as a vast understanding of different traditional Indonesian massage techniques. You can relish your massage in a private room or on the beach; the entire experience is tailored to pamper the guests as they are the top priority. The spa is pricier than others but it involves a deep understanding of the human body. Our favourite is the Nusantara Massage that uses techniques from all over Indonesia.

Banyan Tree Spa Bintan, J
alan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan,
Bintan Resorts Lagoi 29155,

Website: http://www.banyantreespa.com


4 | Anindya Spa

Pamper Yourself at These Favourite Spas in Bintan
Photo source: www.nirwanagardens.com

Last on our list is Anindya Spa, a truly Indonesian experience lead by a team of professional masseuses as they aim to bring you a blissful blend of culture and tradition through the healing powers of massages. Using local ingredients and beauty regime passed down from generations, Anindya Spa’s must try massage is its Savitri Herbal Pouch massage that involves a hot compress of herbs that releases healing properties into the pores. Interested? Take a look at their website for more details.

Jalan Panglima Pantar,
Lagoi 29155, Lagoi Bintan Island
Riau Archipelago