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Going to Bintan with Your Family? Check Out These 5 Family-Friendly Bintan’s Resorts!

More local and foreign travelers are now choosing Bintan Island as a vacation spot for leisure and many interesting purposes. It’s no wonder, many exceptional resorts are growing around the famous tourist spots in Bintan. If you are taking your family for a vacation in a place that could bring a peace of mind and pure joy, Bintan would be an ideal option.

Here are top 5 Bintan's resorts to enjoy with your family!


1.   Angsana Bintan

a woman having a relaxing massage

One of the best family-friendly resorts you could choose is Angsana Bintan. They provide a wide range of activities for you and your family to enjoy. From adventures to a relaxing experience.

If you need relaxation, you can book an appointment at their spa. If you are coming and looking for outdoor activities, they have their own private beach, tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses that you can enjoy.

And if you bring little ones, Angsana Bintan has a kids club that offers many indoor and outdoor activities that your kids can enjoy, such as turtle feedings, nature walks, and arts and crafts activities too. It will give them a great time during their stay. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway with your family.


2.   Club Med Bintan

a woman and her child in a spa

Club Med Bintan is another Bintan’s resort you can choose from. They provide great options for you and your family. Moms and dads could enjoy several outdoor activities, such as archery, windsurfing, snorkeling, sailing, and a golf arena. Or you can simply relax on its own private beach, join the yoga session, or treat yourself at their spa.

While having some ‘treat yourself’ time in Club Med, you don’t need to worry if your child can’t get along. Club Med Bintan is also a kid-friendly resort. They offer kids programs with fun activities, divided into 3 categories: Petit Club Med for 2-3 years olds, Mini Club Med for 4-10 years olds, and Junior’s Club for 11-17 years olds. And good news, your toddler is welcome here, kids under 4 years old are free from charge!


3.   The Sanchaya Resort

the facility of Iridium Spa

If you are looking for a luxury option for an escape with your family, The Sanchaya Resort would be the best option. This resort has 29 stunning villas and suites overlooking the garden and ocean that can give you that chill feeling.

Although this resort doesn’t have a kids club, it offers fabulous and fun activities the parents and children could experience together, such as picnics on the Sanchaya Yacht, yoga session on the beach, bike tours, ping-pong, canoeing, and many other outdoor activities. Parents could also enjoy your mocktail beside its outdoor swimming pool, golfing, or have a treatment at its luxurious Indonesian inspired spa. The Sanchaya Resort is truly a luxury beachfront resort you should experience!


4.   The Residence Bintan

the facility of The Bvlgari Spa

Another Bintan’s resort with a garden and ocean view, The Residence Bintan is a new family-friendly resort you should consider. It is a great option with 127 villas with spacious terraces. It also has rooms with private pools and gardens.

It provides many interesting activities such as island hopping to two beautiful islands and having a little picnic there, having some back-to-nature adventure by cruising through a remarkable mangrove forest in Kawal River, experiencing being a farmer in their own eco-cycle farm. You can also take part in Indonesian culinary cooking class or simply relax in The Residence Bintan’s spa.

There is also a kids club so parents don’t have to worry while having some time alone. The Kakatu Kids Club promises to make the stay enjoyable for its young guests while also taking care warmly with its friendly facilitators.

There are a lot of fun activities kids can do such as garden and beach exploration, cooking classes, treasure hunts, local dance lessons, arts and crafts activities, and a lot more entertaining activities. And if you bring your 3 - 12 years old children, they won’t be charged. What a great option you can have!


5.   Cassia Bintan

the facility of Sacred River Spa

Another option for family-friendly resorts in Bintan that you can choose isCassia Bintan, an apartment styled resort with outdoor swimming pools and scenic beach view.

Because it’s an apartment style resort, it particularly suits families who are traveling with babies and toddlers. Since babies have different times for their meal, here parents can cook freely anytime their children want to eat. Cassia Bintan has its so-called ‘Market 23’ for you to shop.  

Cassia Bintan also offers ten fun outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family, such as bike tours, ping-pong, turtle release programs that kids would love, and many other water and nature programs.

There you go, the top 5 resorts you can choose for your next stay in Bintan Island. Which one caught your attention? Before you go, make sure you know everything about Bintan Island so you won’t miss any exciting things to do with your family. Also, be sure to check out some new procedures for the International travel to Indonesia. Stay safe and enjoy your vacation!