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5 Wonderful New Year Travel Ideas in Bintan

The New Year is coming pretty soon, and since Indonesia has lifted its international travel restrictions, you might want to plan for a New Year holiday in Bintan to celebrate the beginning of the year. Located in Riau Islands province, this island is famously known for its high-end resorts, world-class golf courses, and stunning coastal beauty. It might be a relatively small island, but there are so many exciting tourist attractions you can experience there. Here are our five recommendations on what to do for your New Year holiday in Bintan!


All about back to nature!


Spending a New Year holiday amongst the beautiful nature is always a good idea, and Bintan offers many kinds of splendours when it comes to natural attractions. Who would have thought that a small island only comprising 60,057 km² areas can have a range of landscapes from white sandy beaches to sand dunes? Explore them all and make your own jaw drop in awe.


Embark on a family adventure

Planning to bring a whole family for a New Year Holiday? Don’t worry, Bintan always got you covered. You can bring your kids to witness the fascinating wildlife of Bintan Mangrove Forest, stay in a desert-themed glamping at the Anmon Resort Bintan, enjoy the secluded family moments in White Sand Island, and many other things. There are a lot of things you and your family can do in Bintan, but one thing for sure, whatever you choose to have, it will definitely be a good time.


Book a classy staycation

golf field

One of the best ways to maximize your New Year holiday in Bintan is by experiencing a stylish and luxurious leisure. Get on a lavish journey by hopping on the Emerald Class Ferry Ride from Singapore to Bintan, enjoying the quiet atmosphere by staying in The Residence Bintan or The Sanchaya, or playing golf by the sea at the Ria Bintan. It’s a tough year and you deserve to splurge by the end of Year 2021, so make your New Year holiday moments a luxurious and unforgettable ones.


Spend a day to shop, dine, and unwind


After doing some adventures and sightseeing, a retail therapy and culinary hopping would be a joyful addition for your New Year holiday in Bintan. For starters, you can go to Plaza Lagoi and Pasar Oleh-Oleh in the Lagoi area to buy some souvenirs. If you’re in for a culinary experience, stop by Rimba Jaya Night Market, Tanjung Pinang Traditional Market, or Pujasera Hawker Center for authentic local cuisines you definitely should not miss. Take a look at our food recommendation here for a maximum culinary experience on a New Year holiday in Bintan.


Have a relaxing spa time


Whatever happens, you’ve got to end this year by pampering your mind, body, and soul. Luckily, there are no better places for you to receive spa treatment other than Bintan. Try the signature Traditional Riau Body Massage above a peaceful river at Aroma River Spa, have a picturesque South China Sea as your view while receiving treatment at Spa Angsana Bintan, experiencing the authentic Nusantara Massage method at Banyan Tree Spa, or enjoy many other fascinating spa experiences we recommend you here. Immerse in the moment of serene relaxation and let your soul heal completely in a pure bliss state of mind.


The New Year holiday is definitely going to be awesome in Bintan, and it’s up to you to choose how to spend and maximize it. However, we need to kindly remind you to comply with our international travel regulations and the implementation of health protocols during your trip in Indonesia. Last but not least, we urge you to keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a face mask in public, social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Stay safe and have a good New Year holiday!