Take Unbelievable Journeys on Every Step

Take Unbelievable Journeys on Every Step

After a year of restless activities, it's never a sin to long for an endless summer holiday. But don't say the word 'impossible' just yet. Experience Indonesia Tour Packages, where a journey of a lifetime is just around the corner. Pick your own magical trip starting from Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta, Toraja, to Lake Toba. This year's end, you might just deserve a more amazing summer holiday than you've ever bargained for.

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Visualize the one place you want to be. What do you see?

We’ll tell you what we see. We see our everyday lives, our thoughtful arts & creations, our relationship with nature & God, and our folks. This is what being an Indonesian means. It’s about life, it’s about love, but most of all, it’s about fun.

We are grateful for everything. For our 16,000 islands and everything that surrounds them, for our ocean and all of its inhabitants, for our mountains and its scenic views, for the delicious food on our table, for the people we meet every day, and for... anything, really. The bottom line is, we’re grateful for all the things we have and made, but we do not only have them for ourselves, everybody is welcome to enjoy them.

Including you.

As world economists are gathering in Bali this November, we thought it’s only right to share the hype of this event for travelers all around the world.

Introducing Indonesia Tour Packages, where anything you’ll see is a place you want to be. Ease your way to some of the most spectacular destinations we can possibly offer. From Bali to Toraja, it’s all accessible from the tip of your fingers.

We will try to make all of your Indonesia’s traveling dreams come true, only in this package, and only for a limited time. So take our word for it; it’s time to make yourself feel like an Indonesian.

The following are the packages we offer.

Bali Tours
Seasoned travelers will never miss a chance to say hello to this Island. Amazements always at the ready, waiting to enlighten another visitor. Be it pristine beaches, nightclubs, mountains, or serene temples, Bali will always guide you to a place that suits you, no matter what kind of traveler you are.

Explore anything from the highlands of Batur, the wild nights of Seminyak, the solitary Ubud, to the satisfying T-rex cliff edge of Nusa Penida. Every inch will determine your experience, every step will determine your memories. Get ready to comb every inch of the island of the Gods, because you might get the chance. Get ready, for Bali Tours.

Komodo, Flores, and Sumba Tours
When we’re talking about Komodo, Flores, and Sumba, we’re talking about three different regions, but with one thing in common: they will all make you feel like you’re in some kind of a fairytale. Modern life be damned, these three places will attract any off-the-beaten-path wanderer for its lush, natural, and adrenaline-inducing playground.

Expect villages in the sky, ancient warriors, dragons, and sea voyages. Expect to feel like going into another universe, where legends and folklores really exist. That is the very intense experience of going into these three regions. You need to brace yourself, when taking the Komodo, Flores, and Sumba Tours.

Yogyakarta Tours
If you ever wonder how living in a kingdom feels like, Yogyakarta is a place for it. As one of the few places in Indonesia that still has a monarch ruler, Yogyakarta is a metropolis that is also a reminiscent of the Southeast Asia’s Hindu Kingdoms Era. Gone are the days, but all the historical palaces, heritage, and culture are all still there.

And yet, braving into Yogyakarta has an adventurous side to it. Just North of the city is the sumptuous Mt. Merapi, where the wildest mountain adventures you can think of could come true. Go West, and you'll find the Borobudur Temple, one of the most magnificent relics of the Buddhist Kingdoms. Just the sight of it will open your eyes regarding the wisdom and the way of life of our Buddhists.

You will never miss the sight of a modern city, either. For it is one of the best cities for hangouts and relaxations. Feel free to experience an array of modern attractions such as cafes, art spaces, and golfing. One thing’s for sure, whichever one it is, nothing will let you down in Yogyakarta Tours.

Lombok Tours
Some people might call Lombok as the sister island of Bali, but they might not told you about who the bigger sister is. Here is the place where the gems are rarely touched and the beaches are barely stepped. The landscapes and the people are all familiar, yet shows a different, quieter   shade than its lively sister. But the first and foremost, Lombok is surfer’s paradise.

It’s about fun in the sun, but it’s also about tradition. Lombok’s culture might not be as populated with artists and craftsmen as Bali, but in no way that means it’s not as beautiful. You can witness the ancient wisdom of traditional potteries, artistic weaving, peculiar houses, and so much more. When you talk about the Lombok Tours, you’re talking about one meaningful experience in one serene island.

Lake Toba Tours
Lake Toba and everything that surrounds it is a world away from advanced civilization. Here you will have a chance to breathe around nature and all the wisdom of the native, the Batak people. Anything you experience will be nothing short of amazing. From orangutans and all of the Sumatran jungle inhabitants, the Batak people’s traditional houses and arts, as well as the delicious cuisines that came with them.

But the real star here is undoubtedly Lake Toba itself. As the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba boasts 1707 sq km in size; which is as huge as a megalopolis. Expect to see this enormous lake at its finest, along with all the best that North Sumatra has to offer. Experience Lake Toba Tours.

Banyuwangi Tours
Banyuwangi. A region full of untamed and magical wonders. For some 1.6 million people, it is a home. But for some of the most avid adventurers, it is a second home. A place to play and to roam around.

A world’s phenomenon resides here, in a form of a blue fire. Not from a stove you see in your kitchen every day, but from a mountain called Ijen, spitting these flames around 2 AM on every single morning.

But the adventure of Banyuwangi does not stop there, Banyuwangi also hold a lush jungle and savannah, as well as mini-islands that serve as heavens for surfers.

Toraja Tours
When we talk about someone passing away, we might grieve and feel a heavy load on our backs. But not the Torajans. Here, they celebrate it as a part of life. Even as far as still communicating, giving meals, and taking picture with the remains. They even give them their own home, with all the luxury that it demands.

That is a big part of the Torajans’ life, and it does not stop there. The Torajan Tribe is rich with admirable traditions that can transform your way of looking at life. Every dance, every sheet of weaving, every house has meaning and value to the life of the tribe. When you talk about the Torajans and the Toraja Tours, you’re talking about appreciating life in a much deeper level.