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Requirements for Domestic Tourist Visiting Bali


In order to provide more protection, comfort, and safety for tourists visiting Bali during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provincial Government of Bali has issued Circular Letter No. 15243 the Year 2020 regarding new requirements for domestic tourists visiting Bali. This is also in accordance with Circular Letter of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 Number 9/2020 concerning the Amendment to Circular Letter Number 7/2020 concerning Criteria and Requirements for Travel of People in the Adaptation Period of New Habits Towards a Productive and Safe Community COVID-19, dated 26 June 2020.

The new requirements for domestic tourists visiting Bali are as follows:

1. Provide a certificate of negative results of the PCR-based swab test or non-reactive rapid test results issued by the authorized agency.

2. The validity period of a certificate of negative results of a PCR-based swab test or the results of a non-reactive rapid test for visiting Bali shall be no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the certificate is issued.

3. Tourists who have provided a valid certificate of negative PCR-based swab test or non-reactive rapid test results are no longer required to carry out swab tests or rapid tests unless they experience clinical symptoms of COVID-19.

4. Tourists who cannot provide a certificate of negative PCR-based swab test or non-reactive rapid test results are obliged to take a PCR-based swab test or rapid test in Bali.

5. Tourists whose results are reactive from the rapid test are obliged to take the PCR-based swab test in Bali. While waiting for the results of the swab test, tourists undergo a quarantine process at a place determined by the Provincial Government of Bali.

6. Tourists who are positive for COVID-19 based on the results of the swab test will be treated at a health facility in Bali.

7. The cost for a swab test, rapid test, quarantine, or health facility shall be borne by the tourists

8. Prior to departure to Bali, every tourist has obliged to fill-in the LOVEBALI Application. LOVEBALI Application Instructions can be accessed on https://lovebali.baliprov.go.id. Tourism accommodation businesses in Bali must ensure that every tourist has filled out the LOVEBALI Application.

9. While conducting tourism activities in Bali, tourists are obliged to implement the New Era of Bali Life Order Protocol in accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Government of Bali, namely:

a. using a mask/face shield;

b. washing hands with soap and running water or use a hand sanitizer;

c. meeting the requirements to maintain a minimum distance of 1 (one) meter when interacting and sitting;

d. implementing Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS);

e. covering the nose and mouth with a tissue or handkerchief when sneezing and coughing;

f. avoiding using the hands to directly touch areas of the face, such as eyes, nose, and mouth;

g. undergoing body temperature measurements;

h. cleaning personal items, such as mobile phone, glasses, bags, masks, and other items, with disinfectant liquid as needed;

i. willing to be examined by health workers in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19; and

j. avoiding physical contact when greeting.

10. While in Bali, tourists are encouraged to activate the Global Positioning System (GPS) on their smartphones for their protection

11. Tourists can submit complaints or report problems while in Bali through the LOVEBALI Application.

Domestic tourists are obliged to comply with the requirements mentioned or else they will be subject to sanctions in accordance with statutory provisions.