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Ujung Kulon

an Indonesia National Park

Situated about 300 km from the capital city of Jakarta, or about 140 km from Serang, the capital city of Banten Province, Ujung Kulon National Park encompasses a total area of 122,955 hectares consisting of 78,619 hectares land area and 44,337 hectares of seas. The national park stretches across the Ujung Kulon Peninsula, Panaitan Island, Peucang Island, Handeleum islands, and Honje Mountain Range. Administratively, Ujung Kulon National Park is located within the Sumur and Cimanggu districts, in the Pandeglang Regency, in the province of Banten. The Javan Rhinos are known as the largest animals on Java and the second largest animals in Indonesia after the Asian Elephant. This extraordinary creature is extremely rare and barely makes its appearance noticeable. Some of the locals even regard the Javan rhino as more than a mere animal but almost like a near sacred ancient creature. Aside from the Javan Rhino, Ujung Kulon National Park is also home to many other special wildlife.


Get There

There are two ways to enter Ujung Kulon National Park. By chartered boats from Carita Beach and overland by car via Labuan to Tamanjaya or Sumur. If you take the sea route, It is approximately 2-3 hours boat ride from Carita Beach to Peucang Island where the accommodation and national park representative office are situated.

If you take the overland route, from Jakarta you can head out to Serang, the capital of Banten via the Toll road for about 2 hours drive. From Serang, you continue westward to Labuan, in Pandeglang Regency for roughly about 2 hours. The little town of Labuan is where the main office of the Ujung Kulon National Park is located (Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No 51 ). From Labuan, the road continues to Panimbang, Sumur, and Tamanjaya for a little over another 2 hours. Some of the road may be narrow and are not in good condition, so drivers must be prepared and. Remain watchful.

The Office of Ujung Kulon National Park area II Handeleum and Tamanjaya provide the entrance tickets, insurance, and general information about the National Park. The office is located in the Tamanjaya Village near the dock of Tamanjaya. All requirements for tourist activities such as boat rentals, local guides, porters and more, can be arranged at the office. 


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Ujung Kulon National Park
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