Those who are familiar with Borobudur and beyond must have at least heard of Setumbu Hill; the most magnificent spot to witness the sunrise after the temple itself. A popular spot situated within the beautiful Karangrejo Village.

Not only for Setumbu Hill, Karangrejo holds plenty other of irresistible natural treasures, such as rich rice fields landscape, the Tegalan River, and the surrounding mountains. Located about 4 kilometers from the Borobudur Temple Complex, equipped with unspoiled nature and a magnificent landscape of Menoreh Hill, this tourism village has gradually earn itself a spot among Borobudur’s popular most things-to-do.

Divided into six smaller villages, of which each village possess different norms and characteristics, threading between Karangrejo's soils is practically surrounding yourself with a variety of enlightening local wisdom. Each and every local products like cuisines, farming, and a selection of ancient cultural attractions like Jathilan Dance, Kobro Siswo Dance, Obat Abit and Sembur Geni theatrical performance, and Gambyong Dance will surely delight your Borobudur journey even more.

A few of Karangrejo's cuisines that will transform your palate experience include Jetkolet cassava chips, Gethuk cassava dish, and Javanese palm sugar.

Just like other villages around Borobudur, Karangrejo’s locals rely on its agribusiness and vegetable farming. Plants like Rambutan, Mangosteen, numerous vegetables, Albizia, teak, ginger, and turmeric dominates the fields of Karangrejo. With these potentials, Karangrejo Village is now turned into a tourism village where you can observe organic agricultural activities from planting to harvesting.

Besides the educative tour, you can also explore Karangrejo's famous natural magnificence like Punthuk Setumbu Hill, Widodaren & Puspitosari Pond, Cemuris Hill, Asam Pandawa Lima, and Barede Hill. As for man-made tourism, you can also explore Rema Hill, or better known as 'Gereja Ayam' (literally Chicken Church).



Situated near the Borobudur Temple, reaching Karangrejo Village is very easy and hassle-free. First, you need to get yourself to Yogyakarta, and continue from Yogyakarta to Borobudur, which is about 60 to 90 minutes by bus. Get to the Jombor Bus Station in Yogyakarta, and take the one that leads to Borobudur; the station staffs are very friendly and will guide you to the correct busses. Once you arrive, go left from the station’s exit to Jalan Pramudyawardhani.

Once you’re on Jalan Pramudyawardhani, you can take a taxi to Karangrejo for about 12 minutes, taking a right at Jalan Borobudur – Ngadiharjo to finally arrive at Karangrejo Village. The ride is only about 4 km long, so you can choose other means of transportation according to your liking.



Around karangrejo and the borobudur temple, you’ll find a lot of hotels, cottages, and homestays. The cottages are made with artistically cool outdoor shades and the village’s homestays provide a variety of exotic cuisines to complete your experience. 

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