Visit These Waterfalls in Bogor and Feel the Breeze of Relaxation

As one of the neighboring cities of Jakarta, Bogor is popularly known as the most visited place for downtown people for a quick escape from the hustle. Some of them often go to the tourism spots known as curug, the local term for waterfall, as there are many natural waterfalls in Bogor that have always successfully enchant those who seek for some fitcation or even just a simple replenishment. If you’re curious, we can recommend some of the best waterfalls in Bogor that are surely worth visiting.


1. Leuwi Hejo Waterfall 


It is said that the name of the waterfall came from the fact that the pond reflects green color on the surface of the waters, which has become the distinctive thing to look for in Leuwi Hejo Waterfall. Located in Wangan Cileungsi Village in Sentul area, this waterfall is only about 10 kilometers from the center of Bogor, making it fairly accessible to those coming from Jakarta. When you get to the entrance, you need to get through an easy trekking course for approximately 30 minutes and savor the green lush forest scenery around before you arrive in front of one of the one of most beautiful waterfalls in Bogor. Quite a laid-back adventure, isn’t it?


2. Putri Kencana Waterfall 


Located in the Sentul City area in the Babakan Madang Sub-district, Putri Kencana Waterfall is popular among the locals because it offers quite an enthralling spectacle for a natural wonder that is relatively easy to reach. You only need to do trekking for about 500 meters from the ticket booth to the waterfall. It’s also going to be a refreshing trekking experience as you will also encounter some small waterfalls along the way where the local visitors often take a bath in. Putri Kencana Waterfall might not be the tallest waterfall in this list, but the relaxing atmosphere offered will definitely soothe your mind.


3. Bidadari Waterfall 


Being one of the most popular waterfalls in Bogor, you can expect a lively ambience once you get to Bidadari Waterfall. Previously, this 50-meter tall waterfall was known as Curug Bojong Koneng. However, local residents believe that the pond is secretly used as a bathing place for the sprites, hence the name Bidadari Waterfall. Different from any other waterfalls in Bogor, this place has artificial water recreation facilities such as “waves pool” and “lazy pool” which are kids-friendly. Visitors who are looking for more challenges can also try the zip lining attraction. What a complete package of excitement, right?


4. Cilember Waterfall 


Situated in the Puncak region, Cilember Waterfall is a seven-tier waterfall hidden behind a lush tropical rainforest. Therefore, its humidity can reach 80% and the temperature is only about 20-26 degrees Celsius, which makes it a great place for those who seek peace and comfort. There are seven waterfalls in this forest. They are located in the same area, which is approximately only 300 meters from the ticket booth. If you fancy some hiking, you may try going uphill for the fifth waterfall, which is only 450 meters from the seventh waterfall. It is believed that Curug Cilember was a bathing place of princesses originating from Siliwangi Kingdom, which was once a famous dynasty in the land of Sunda. Is it as beautiful as the story goes? Well, see the place by yourself!


5. Panjang Waterfall 


Located in Citamiang Village, Megamendung District, Panjang Waterfall is part of the slopes of Mount Paseban. Unlike any other waterfalls, this one looks slightly different. Whereas a waterfall in general has the water falls down in a 90 degrees angle, the shape of Panjang Waterfall is rather elongated and looks like a slide. You can have some fun soaking yourself and swimming in the pond as the cool breeze and lush atmosphere is so relaxing for everyone who visits. However, you are not allowed to slide down the waterfall because there is a strong and dangerous whirlpool just below the stream. Nevertheless, Panjang Waterfall is still a mesmerizing destination especially for those who seek tropical refreshments.


Bogor is definitely a home to many gorgeous natural excitements. Before you plan your holidays, here are some useful tips on visiting waterfalls in Bogor.

●      Put on some proper footwears (comfy boots, trekking shoes, or offroad sandals). Don’t wear casual shoes.

●      Always prepare secondary outfit and swimwears.

●      Be mindful of local customs and traditions.

●      Don’t forget to bring some ointments and emergency medical kits.

●      Bring a handful amount of cash

●      Be responsible with your own trash and avoid littering.


Last but not least, learn about the current international travel regulations before heading to Indonesia and always follow health protocols applied. Keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask to public places, implementing social distancing, and washing hands frequently. Follow our social media channels at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube for updated tourism related news from Indonesia. Explore many other waterfalls in the archipelago and have a wonderful tropical holiday!