Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots


Palembang has accessible air and land transportation, mesmerizing cultural and historical sites, friendly local people, and affordable yet tasty delicacies. In short, Palembang has all things it needs to be on your must-visit list. It is an easy city!

You can even explore Palembang’s gems within two days. That includes sightseeing on the city’s landscapes, shopping its typical souvenirs, and grabbing the local food. Side aside your doubt and get yourself tickets to the city, known as Venice of the East.

Below is two-day itinerary you might want to follow:

Day 1:Bukit Siguntang - Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum- BentengKutoBesak- Empekempek evening snack


09.00 AM: If you happen to arrive at the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport in the morning, do not forget to grab some breakfast before straightly head to Besak Hill where Bukit Siguntang or Siguntang Hill lies on. This is a tomb complex of the nobles from Sriwijaya Kingdom, the largest Buddhist kingdom of its time. The compound is the home of seven bodies of Sriwijaya’s nobles. Now, this place is one of the most popular spot for dating.

Close to the Siguntang Hill, on Jl. Circle, there is a vendor selling red bean ice, Palembang's typical snack. You will restore your energy after taking the freshness of this drink. A portion of red bean ice is sold at between IDR 7,000 and IDR 10,000. If you are durian fans, you can also visit the periphery of Jl.DemangLebarDaun which is not far from JlLingkaran.

Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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12:00 PM: For lunch, you might want to go to the market on the banks of the Musi river. It is located at the bottom left of Ampera Bridge. Here, you can explore different types of Palembang’s traditional food. It is close to Palembang’s busiest market, Pasar 16 Ilir.

Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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01.30 PM: As your belly is ready to continue the day, you should take some hours to explore the Sultan Mahmud Badarrudin II Museum. It has 669 museum collections, in the form of archaeological, ethnographic, biological, ceramic, artistic, and numismatic collections. But, the most interesting collection is the ancient coins that were made from tin and bronze. The coins were used as trade means during 1023 to 1253 Hijriyah or Islamic Years.

03.30 PM: As the dawn is coming, go to Fort KutoBesak or KutoBesak Fort on Jl Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, Ilir Barat. This is the defense building of Sultan Muhammad Baharuddin when he fought against the invaders. The fort overlooks the Musi river. It is now used as the headquarters of Indonesian National Army. The admission price is around IDR 5,000. Here, you can also take selfies with Ampera Bridge in the background with the best sunset view.

Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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06.00 PM: Before you close the day, you should grab Palembang's traditional snack, pempek. Pempek is savory fish cake served with cuko or vinegar sauce rich with sweet, sour, and a bit spicy taste. To get the tastiest pempek, go to Jl. Merdeka which is in front of the Mayor's office. Go to Pempek "Saga" SudiMampirstall to taste various kinds of pempek.


Day 2: Musi River - Kemaro Island - KampungKapitan - Songket shopping- Ampera Bridge


08.00 AM: It is suggested to start the second day by exploring the Musiriver. The 750-meter river is the lifeblood of Palembang residents. It is also the witness of civilization and culture evolution of the South Sumatra. Boating is the best way to enjoy this river tour. Starting point can be taken from the dock of PasarIlir16 under Amperabridge, or KutoBesak Fortress pier.

10:00 AM: Continue your exploration by getting to know local love legendary in Kemaro Island. It is said that the Kemaro Island arose after the tragic story that happened to the daughter of Palembang king Siti Fatimah and rich Chinese merchant Tan Bun An. The graves of these two can be found on Kemaro Island. To reach the island, take a boat from KutoBesak Fort at a cost of around IDR 200,000 per person for a round trip. In the island, there is also a pagoda with the legend of a nobleman from China and Putri Palembang.


Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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12.00 PM: After learning about the legendary love, you should see a trail of Chinese stopover in KampungKapitan. It used to be the home of TjoaOfficer who came to Indonesia in about the 14th century. He was chosen by the Dutch and declared as 'kapitan' or the region's mayor. Due to its exclusive status, the Kapitan also had a different residential area. His house is rich with Chinese style but also had the touch of Palembang. Kampung Kapitan is located at Kelurahan 7 Ulu, District SeberanUlu 1, Kapitan Palembang. It's on the edge of the Musi River. From below Amperabridge, you can take public transportation Ampera-Kertapatiroute and you should stop at KlinikSimpangPasar. From there, you can walk up to Simpang 3 and find the Kampung Kapitan writing board on the left.

Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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02:00 PM: It is time to shop! You should put songket, Palembang's traditional cloth, on your list. The best place to get some songket is at the PasarIlir 16. It is located at the back of Ramayana Department Store. It opens from 07.00 AM to 04.00 PM. In addition to songket, there are also a variety of other traditional items such as handbags, caps, wallets, shirts, and sarongs that are suitable for souvenirs.
04.00 PM: Go to the Ampera Bridge area to enjoy the sparkling lights that will turn up at night. There are also plenty of places for photography hunting.One of the best spotis in the fountain near the Grand Mosque.


Two Days Itinerary in Palembang with 10 Must Visit Spots

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