Planning to Explore Pink Beach? Learn These 5 Things First!


Remember the first incredible beach you visited in Indonesia? Emma @luxurybackpacking visited Pink Beach in Komodo Island and captured a gorgeous view when she went to explore Indonesia during the Trip of Wonders program. Emma said “Pink Beach is a must-see for any visitor to Komodo National Park. Before you ask, yes it really is pink and makes for some of the most beautiful photos you can ask for.”

Here are some things to know before you plan your future trip to this exciting destination!

Where is Pink Beach?

a beautiful scenery of Pink Beach

Pink Beach is located on the southwest coast of Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. One thing that is noticeable about this beach is, of course, its pink-colored sand, which is caused by microscopic animals called Foraminifera that produce red pigment on the coral reefs.

Why should you come to visit?

a girl in Pink Beach

Aside from the fact that this Pink Beach in Komodo Island is one of the only seven pink beaches that exist on this Earth, every corner of this one particular place will never cease to make your jaw drop with awe. You will immediately be welcomed with a cinematic scene of aquamarine seas, lush and curved hills, clear skies, and obviously pink sand that has a delicate texture and feels smooth on your feet. Furthermore, the corals of the Pink Beach’s underwater realms are in excellent condition. Dive beneath the waters and you will be greeted by hundreds of species of corals, and thousands of species of fish. Divers and snorkelers will keep wanting to revisit this place, knowing that the heaven they see will always be there forever.

How to get here?

Labuan Bajo airport in Komodo National Park

You can fly from anywhere to Bali, as it is the closest island that provides an airport with a flight route straight to Labuan Bajo Airport. As one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, Bali is an extremely well-connected airport with international flights available from many cities in the world, including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brisbane, Darwin, Dili, Doha, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Manila, Melbourne, Moscow, Osaka, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, and others. Domestic flights are available from all major cities of Indonesia.

When you arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can either spend your time strolling around in Bali for a while first or you can immediately take a local airline with daily flights to Labuan Bajo by small jet or turboprop planes which can carry up to 50 passengers.

Once in Labuan Bajo, drive for about 10 minutes to the port and get yourself a speedboat to go to Komodo Island. You can dock straight on the miraculous Pink Beach if you want less hassle or, if you prefer a 4-hour trek by foot through the coral cliffs and mangroves on a different side of the island, you could dock on a different side of the island instead.

Fun things to do

a girl floating around the coast of Pink Beach

The first thing people do when they come here is, of course, seeing the picturesque pink sand and the surroundings while capturing every moment and every corner of this place with their camera. Prepare many different poses, fly your drone, and take as many pictures as you can with the most creative ways possible. It’s going to be the time of your life, so make it worthwhile. Dip your feet into the pristine water and feel the warmth of the sea touch your soul. Lay on the otherworldly sand, relax, and work on your tan. If you come here with your family, put down your beach towel and have some beachfront picnic dining experience by eating the foods you have brought and prepared from Bali and/or Labuan Bajo. Then, let your kids have fun throwing Frisbees while the adults chill and savor the sunlight.

More ideas to explore around

a view of Pink Beach from above

If you’re looking for an adrenaline booster, you can befriend the waves here and do some kayaking. If you fancy photography, this is definitely a place to challenge yourself in capturing the stunning natural beauty of the island. Our tip is: make sure you stick around until the sunset comes for an extraordinary view that will never fail to surprise you.

Some things worth noting: Komodo Island is the natural habitat of the Komodo Dragons, the largest living lizards. Make sure you are supervised by a local ranger and always keep a distance if you see the creatures roaming around.

Last but not least, remember to always comply with the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) protocols by keeping some distance from other visitors, washing your hands frequently, and wearing your mask while you’re in a public area. Be mindful to not risk yourself close contact with anybody unknown and stay healthy while having the best holiday of your lifetime here!