Planning a Weekend Getaway? Here Are 5 Must-Try Family Adventures in East Java


After months of being cooped up in the house, working from home, and staying busy with virtual activities, spending your days off with your family would be a great idea! If you and your family want to quench the thirst of your inner adrenaline junkies and spend quality time together, then East Java has got it all covered. From thrilling amusement parks to educational museums, there is so much to check out in this region. We have compiled a list of family adventure ideas that'll put a smile on everyone’s face, but don’t forget to comply with the health protocols when you visit these places.

1 | Jatim Park 1-3

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Covering an area of 22 hectares, Jawa Timur Park is a theme park located in Batu, East Java. Known as Indonesia’s Disneyland, it’s divided into 3 zones: Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2, and Jatim Park 3. Jatim Park 1 is the ultimate choice for those seeking an adrenaline rush as it offers more than 50 exciting rides for visitors of all ages. With a myriad of activities available, including learning centers such as the Science Center and the Nusantara Ethnic Gallery, your family will learn science in a fun way without the need for you to push the boat out. Jatim Park 2 is home to one of the largest zoos in Indonesia that has various endangered animal species saved from extinction. The Animal Museum features a collection of rare ancient replicas of Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus, etc. Jatim Park 3 is filled with vivid replicas of dinosaurs which will take you back to prehistoric times. Make sure you take some great photos for your Instagram! If you want to challenge your guts, then don’t forget to visit The House of Zombie, but make sure to wear a mask and keep your distance from others.

2 | Baluran National Park

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Baluran National Park, also known as Africa Van Java, is located on the border between Banyuwangi and Situbondo. Its name comes from the nearby Mount Baluran. You will be able to not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the 300-hectare savanna, but you can also explore 444 types of flora, 26 types of mammals, and 155 species of birds. It's better to visit during the dry season to get the best views of the savanna. And you would give your eyetooth to view the blooming flowers during the rainy season.

3 | Djawatan Benculuk

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Banyuwangi has some fantastic places that are worth-visiting. D'Jawatan Benculuk is sought-after for its similarity to the Fangorn Forest from the blockbuster hit The Lord of the Rings. The forest is brimming with big tamarind trees creating a magical scene as sunshine slips through the leaves. The facilities here include a toilet, prayer rooms, and contemporary photo spots for your social media photography. If your hungry stomach starts growling, then you can stop by at the restaurant in the area to nosh on Banyuwangi's typical culinary snacks.

4 | Museum Angkut

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Spice up your family adventure by visiting the Angkut Museum. This place will take you on a journey through the history of transportation development in Indonesia and throughout the world, and will enlighten you on how transportation has become one of the most influential inventions in the world. Inaugurated in 2014, this museum in Malang combines entertainment and education, so it’s best to visit the place with your family.

This museum is divided into several zones, including the Main Zone, Education Zone, Batavia and Chinatown Zone, Gangster & Broadway Street Zone, European Zone, Buckingham Palace Zone, Las Vegas Zone, and Hollywood Zone. Each zone features a unique collection of motorbikes, cars, and other means of transportation. Moreover, you can enjoy some special shows on certain occasions such as Night Divas, California Car Wash Dance, and Movie Star Hero Cosplay. 

5 | Meru Betiri National Park

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Located in Jember Regency, East Java, Meru Betiri National Park is one of the best national parks in Java Island and has an area of 58,000 hectares. It’s named after two mountains of this area: Mount Meru, which stands 500 meters above sea level, and Mount Betiri, which has an altitude of 1,223 meters. This national park has a collection of rare endangered flora and fauna, including the Zollingeriana Rafflesia Flower, Balanophora Fungosadan, long-tailed macaques, and the Javan tiger. In line with its slogan "Home of Biodiversity", this national park is home to 29 species of mammals, 150 species of birds, and 293 species of plants.



If you’re looking to maximize your weekend getaway, East Java has got your back. From amusement parks to museums, there are plenty of places to satisfy your longing for an adventurous holiday and create memories with your family. And when you happen to visit East Java, don’t forget to visit Bromo as well!