Need an Additional Dose of Vitamin Sea? Try these Delicious Seafood at these Restaurants in Batam!

We know you have heard the news: Batam is now welcoming international travelers visiting from Singapore. Now is your chance to get the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. While in Batam, don’t forget to indulge your palate with seafood, their most renowned signature cuisine. There are many best restaurants in Batam serving seafood, but we recommend that you try these six places for an unforgettable dining experience!


1. Sei Enam Seafood


Image by : seienam_seafood

Sei Enam Seafood has offered time-tested seafood specialties since the 1970s. The seafood dishes served here vary, but each of them is special in their own way. We totally recommend that you try “kepiting saus sei enam”, “sotong goreng asam”, “udang kipas merica putih” and “kakap asam pedas”. It is currently the best rated Batam seafood restaurant on TripAdvisor.


UOB Batam Center, Ruko Mahkota Raya Complex, Jalan Raja Haji Sisabililah, RW.2, Tlk. Tering, Batam City, Riau Islands 29461

+62811-7769-799 | Instagram: Sei Enam Seafood


2. Wey Wey Live Seafood

Also known as Wey Wey Seafood Harbourbay Batam, this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Batam with a view. Located at the edge of a Harbor Bay overlooking the sea, this restaurant offers a variety of seafood ranging from crispy fish with sweet and sour sauce to the fried tender sotong (cuttlefish).


Harbour Bay Downtown Sei Jodoh, Jl. Duyung, Batam, Riau Islands


Instagram: Wey Wey Live Seafood


3. Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant

Another seafood restaurant in Batam that is located in the western bay of the island is Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant. It is only 260 meters away from Wey Wey Live Seafood and it serves delectable seafood cuisine in a place where you can enjoy a stunning view of the sunset. Favorite dishes here are from Harbour Bay steamed fish, Hong Kong steamed fish, Thai-style fish, black pepper crab, fresh garlic steamed shrimp, and many others.


The Promenade Blok 8E, Harbour Bay Downtown Jl. Duyung Sei Jodoh, Sungai Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Batam City, Riau Islands 29444


Instagram: Harbour Bay Seafood


4. Restaurant Golden Prawn 933

There’s no other place more suitable to enjoy prawn in Batam other than Golden Prawn 933. It is located in the eastern bay of the island and dubbed as the “heaven of the seafood delicacies” by everyone who has ever experienced it. This restaurant served many other seafood dishes such as crab, cuttlefish, and shrimp but the main attraction here is the must try seafood in Batam, which is the prawn.


Jl. Golden Prawn, Tanjung Buntung, Bengkong, Batam City, Riau Islands 29458


Instagram: Golden Prawn 933


5. Kelong Baba by Kelong Shangrila


Image by kelong baba

Everyone loves this restaurant because of its tagline: makan mewah nggak pakai mahal or translated as “luxury dining doesn’t need to be expensive.” It is indeed proven, because you can enjoy an exquisite dining experience in this adorable restaurant and tasting their remarkably delicious seafood with relatively affordable prices compared to other restaurants. Located in the northern bay area of Batam, this restaurant is a must-visit place for an unforgettable holiday in Batam.


Green Bay Compex, Kav. Kelong TIban, Sekupang, Batam City, Riau Islands 29424


Instagram: Kelong Baba


6. Kampung Piayu Seafood

Located in the southern bay area of Batam, this seafood restaurant has its own signature menu that no other restaurant can compete with: sour and spicy pomfret (gulai asam pedas ikan bawal). Imagine devouring a dish so delicious while looking at the open sea scenery in front of you. That is what Kampung Piayu Seafood is offering. Believe us, you won’t get enough of it.


Jl. Tanjung Piayu Laut No.57, Batam, Riau Islands


Instagram: Kampung Tanjung Piayu


Those are the dine-in Batam seafood restaurants we highly reccomend. As always, we want to remind you to be a responsible traveler and learn the international travel regulations before planning your trip to Batam. Last but not least, don’t forget to keep practicing healthy habits such as washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask in public places, and implementing social distancing. Follow our social media channels at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.