Going to Manado? Do Not Miss These 8 Natural Paradise places to Explore!


Manado, Indonesia, runs the gamut of superb attractions from nature to culture to adventure, offering something that everyone can enjoy. Being located near fascinating places that are worth visiting, Manado serves as an ideal springboard to explore the treasure trove of scenic wonders in North Sulawesi. Take a flight from Jakarta, Bali or Makassar to reach Manado and don’t forget to add these 8 ideas to your Manado itinerary:

1| Get Closer to Nature at Tangkoko

Tangkoko National Park, Sulawesi, is a nature reserve preserving a diverse range of flora and fauna, including the endangered crested macaques, bear cuscus, and Sulawesi dwarf cuscus.


Be overwhelmed by the amazing wildlife at the park including tarsiers, owls, deer pigs, hornbills, tarantulas, bats, squirrels, and deer. Tangkoko Lodge, Tangkoko Hill, and Tangkoko Guesthouse are good accommodation options if you wanna spend some time in Tangkoko, Manado, and enjoy the bounties of nature.

2| Savor Your Time at Linow Lake

The radiant changing colors of the Linow Lake combine with the spectacular scenery of the surrounding Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu to offer some incredible scenes. Amble around the lake to enjoy some fresh air and breathtaking views or choose a quiet spot to sit down and sip on a cup of coffee as you relax in the calm atmosphere of the lake.


3| Relax and refresh at Tomohon

Famous for its floral splendor, Tomohon, North Sulawesi, offers great biking, hiking, and trekking opportunities. Get enchanted by the brilliant burst of colors at the Tomohon International Flower Festival. Stop by at the traditional Tomohon Market that sells almost everything from fruits and vegetables to household items, plus a variety of exotic meat including a dog, rat, bat, and snake meat.


4| Admire The Wooden Houses at Woloan Village

The traditional wooden houses of Woloan Village let you pick up the taste of the local culture and learn about the craftsmanship of the villagers. These prefabricated knock-down houses are made using traditional methods and hardwood and can be disassembled and shipped to customers who place orders from all over the world.

5| Dive in Siladen, Lembeh, and Bunaken

The marvelous underwater worlds of Siladen, Lembeh, and Bunaken attract divers from all over the world.


Part of the Bunaken National Marine Park, the islands of Bunaken and Siladen offer unparalleled diving and snorkeling sessions that leave you bewitched with the richness of biodiversity. Lembeh, Indonesia, is another world-class dive site that offers excellent muck-diving conditions and amazing macro photography opportunities.

6| Discover A New Paradise in Likupang

The exotic beauty of Likupang Island’s unspoiled white-sand beaches and awe-inspiring scenic vistas are truly nothing short of paradise.


Relax amongst nature in its fullest glory or fuel your sense of adventure as you dive, snorkel, and enjoy other watersports activities in Likupang.

7| Enjoy Some Trekking at Pulisan and Larata Hill

Imagine breathtaking panoramic views of green rolling hills, beautiful white sand, and sparkling turquoise water.


That’s what awaits you at the top of Pulisan Hill and Larata Hill. The scenic trek is further rewarded by a glorious sunset view, cool breeze, and plenty of Instagrammable moments.

8| Go Island Hopping between Gangga and Lihaga

The spectacular Gangga Island and the lovely Lihaga Island, Manado, are home to incredible dive sites, unspoiled beaches, and lovely resorts. Bask on the picture-perfect beach, explore the mesmerizing underwater world or treat yourself at a spa.


Have a whale of time around Manado with these fun vacation ideas, but remember your trip would be incomplete without a visit to a Manadonese restaurant. Famous for its mouthwatering culinary delights, Manado offers flavorful seafood, spicy dishes, and hot condiments that are a must-try.

So grab your flippers and beach towels, and jet-off to Manado for a fun retreat that will make you wanna come back time after time. (HR)