Celebrate the National Batik Day by Attending GANTARI!

To further celebrate the National Batik Day on 2 October, would you be interested to witness the splendor of batik creations from Indonesia, crafted by local batik designers in a historical place? If yes, then you have to check out this special event! In collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia as well as Borobudur Authority Body (BOB), LAKON Indonesia presents GANTARI, an event showcasing numerous beautiful batik. Curious about the event? Check out the following information!

1. What is GANTARI?

The Final Journey to Java,  Lakon Indonesia

If you aren’t familiar with this event, GANTARI: The Final Journey to Java is a fashion show which will close the events of Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JF3) 2021. GANTARI is organized by LAKON Indonesia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia as well as Borobudur Authority Body (BOB) to commemorate the National Batik Day.


2. How did GANTARI start? 

Originating from the name of it’s organizer, LAKON Indonesia, which suggests a play, it can be said that GANTARI is a journey to explore and refine the said play. This event is a continuation of a fashion show titled PakaianKoe: A Journey to Java, which includes the launching of LAKON Indonesia’s second collection, held on 15 November 2020.


3.  The series of events presented at GANTARI 

Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2021, GANTARI

Image by: jfff_info

In this event, LAKON Indonesia will show a more well-done and in-depth collection, through 100 ready-to-wear collections that will be presented by 100 models. Not only fashion shows, but GANTARI will also highlight the artisans and craftsmen of Java, especially from Yogyakarta and Central Java, through their batik, jumputan, and lurik weaving made from raw natural fiber.

Other exciting events such as ‘Metamorfosa’ video presentation and a Wayang puppet theatre will complement the fashion show. On top of that, this fashion show will also be accompanied by the sound of gamelan and traditional dances from the sultanates of Java, Surakarta and Yogyakarta. As for the designer, GANTARI will work together with Irsan from The House of Irsan.


4. When and where will GANTARI be held?

Peragaan busana karya Lakon Indonesia di GANTARI

This event will be hosted offline and online. The offline event will be held inside the complex of Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta on 9 October 2021 with limited participants and strict health protocols implementation.

Watch GANTARI: The Final Journey to Java online on:

Date: Saturday, 9 October 2021

Starting time: 19.30 WIB

LIVE on the Instagram of Pesona Indonesia (@pesonaid_travel)

Mark your date and don’t miss it!


5. Get to know various batik that are rich in meaning 

Proses pembuatan batik Indonesia di Yogyakarta

Did you know that numerous batik aren’t only rich in patterns, designs, and colors, but also rich in meanings? Each pattern and color of batik seems to convey a story or journey for its wearer. Because of its beauty and meanings, batik has been recognized by UNESCO. If you’re curious about the process of crafting this masterpiece, you can visit these batik villages to learn about it directly from skilled local craftsmen!

To satisfy your curiosity about the upcoming GANTARI, you can have a glance of the show by watching this video.


Interested in attending this special fashion show? Keep yourself updated with the latest information about GANTARI by following the official Instagram of LAKON Indonesia @lakon_indonesia. Remember to always follow the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which include keeping your distance, washing your hands with soap, and wearing a mask regularly.