Are You A Culinary Enthusiast? Explore Trans Java Road Trip Culinary Adventure!


On your epic trans java road trip, do make time to check out these tasty delights. With so many places to visit on your road trip journey, learn more about traditional culinary specialties of each place along the way!

Brebes & Tegal

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Brebes Regency is famous for its salty eggs and it can be found easily along the PANTURA route, while Tegal Regency is famous for its Batibul Satay, which is chevon satay (sate kambing muda).

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The most famous satay in Tegal is Sate Kambing Bang Alwi located on Jalan Raya LL. Ujungrusi. One portion of this satay (10 pcs) cost around IDR 20.000.


Those traveling through Cikampek-Palimanan (CIPALI) Toll Road and visit the city of Cirebon may find these culinary treats.

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One of Cirebon’s signature dishes is Nasi Jamblang (Jamblang Rice), popularly known as Sega Jamblang. "Jamblang" comes from the name of the region to the west of the city of Cirebon, home of the food vendors. The rice is wrapped in leaves and in a buffet setting there are various side dishes to choose from to go with the rice, such as vegetable tofu, liver or meat stews, scrambled or fried eggs, stewed or salted fish, fried tofu and tempeh, etc.

Another popular dish here is Empal Gentong or spicy curry-like beef soup is one of the most sought out dishes in Cirebon. The two most popular places that sell the best empal gentong is Empal Gentong Mang Darma in Jalan Slamet Riyadi and Empal Gentong Haji Apud in Jalan Tuparev.


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Solo’s signature traditional dish is Tengkleng which is a soup containing bits of goat meat that sticks to its bones. The gravy is sort of like Gulai in yellow color but a bit more dilute. The most famous Tengkleng restaurant is Tengkleng Klewer Ibu Edi who locals claim is legendary.

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Another famous place to eat in Solo is Sate Kambing Pak Manto. The signature dish is Sate Buntel (Goat Satay chopped and wrapped in goat fat). The diner also serves Tengkleng Rica-Rica (Spicy Goat Meat Soup) and Tongseng Kambing (goat meat stew dish in curry-like soup with vegetables and sweet soy sauce).


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In Ngawi, one of the signature culinary treats is Nasi Pecel, Javanese rice served with pecel (cooked vegetables and peanut sauce). Visit Nasi Pecel Lethok Mbah Jan in Jalan Trunojoyo, Ngawi, one of the best places to eat this traditional dish.


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Wedang Ronde, a traditional drink with a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and on the inside, it contains crushed peanuts. The batter is then dipped in ginger water and best served while it is still hot. The best place to drink wedang ronde in Salatiga is Wedang Ronde Jago Salatiga, located in Jalan Jendral Sudirman no. 9, Kutowinagun Kidul, Tingkir Salatiga.


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One of Mojokerto’s irresistible traditional treats is Bubur Srunthul. It is a dessert consisting of bits of sago flour shaped in tiny chewy sticky balls and served in a bowl dipped in coconut sugar porridge. The most popular place and a crowd favorite in Mojokerto are Bubur Srunthul Bu Saudah, located in Jalan Mayjen Sungkono, right across a soccer field.


As a coastal beach area, seafood is the main signature dish in Anyer. Such as Rumah Makan Flamboyan with its signature dish Fish Head Soup (Sop Kepala Ikan). It is located in Jalan Raya Anyer KM 130, Cinangka (On the left side if you are coming from Cilegon). Other restaurants with a specialty in seafood are also available along the Anyer highway, plenty to choose from.


Angeun Lada or Spicy Soup is the signature traditional dish in Pandeglang. Although the name suggests the soup is spicy, in reality, the taste is not that spicy at all even though the soup color is red. The soup contains chopped beef innards mixed with a mixture of shallots, brown sugar, red chilly, and herbs. It is a common dish served in many restaurants in Pandeglang regency, one of the places to enjoy angeun Lada is Rumah Makan Emak Yayah in Jalan Raya Serang, Pandeglang, not far from Cadasari Gas Station.


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There are a lot of traditional culinary treats in Kulonprogo such as: Geblek, a savory and chewy snack made from tapioca flour shaped like a number eight. Commonly found in many snack stands along Kulonprogo. Geblek is usually served with another traditional delight Tempe Besengek, which is tempe served with coconut gravy and Javanese sweet sugar.


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Mangut Lele (grilled catfish with chilli) is one of the signature dishes from this area. One of the most popular places to serve this traditional dish is Mangut Lele Mbah Marto, located at Dusun Ireng-Ireng, Saraban, Panggungharjo, Sewon.

Gunung Kidul

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Sego Abang (Red Rice) is one of Gunung Kidul’s signature culinary treats.  The rice is steamed in clay over a traditional stove, then served with fried floured Tempe, dried fried chicken, and Urap (stewed green vegetables).

You could enjoy Sego Abang at Jalan Judodiningrat Siraman Wonosari, Gunung Kidul.


Tahu Lontong Lonceng is one of the legendary culinary treats from Malang. Warung Tahu Lontong Lonceng located in Jalan Martadinata is one of the favorite places that serve this special dish. The dish features Tofu with Rice Cake served with mung bean sprout, cucumber pickle, coconut koya, shrimp paste, nuts, and soy sauce.


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Rujak Soto is one of Banyuwangi’s traditional dishes. It is a mixture of rujak veggies (a kind of a salad dish usually featuring fruits or vegetables) and Soto (traditional Indonesian soup composed of broth, meat/chicken and vegetables). One of the most popular places to enjoy this dish in Banyuwangi is Rujak Soto Mbok Mbret, situated in Jalan Raya Jember no 72.

So now the essential checklist is done, info’s on rest area checked, culinary info checked, a pit stop for holidays checked, all that’s left to do is go through with the adventure. Have a safe and pleasurable road trip soon!