7 Ideas to Make Your Stay-at-Home Moments Fun


During this difficult time, when the government strongly urges us to avoid going outside and gathering in large groups, the best we can do is #StayatHome. But boredom seems inevitable when staying at home, so you need a variety of activities to keep your mind, body, and soul active, healthy, and productive.

1 | Exercise at home

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

There are many home workout apps that can help you achieve your fitness goals. You can download one of these apps and jumpstart your day with a morning workout or do evening exercises to relieve stress. You can also join an online community if you want to support and advice from health enthusiasts regarding your wellness, diet, and workout routines.

2 | Cook your own meals

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

If you have always relied on food delivery or takeaway services, then this is your time to play chef. Find some innovative healthy recipes and start cooking for yourself. Keep trying to learn more and improve your skills, so that when you have mastered the art of cooking, you can improvise and create your own recipes. Who knows? Maybe you can start your own food business in the future.

3 | Get crafting

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

Improve your hand skills and fuel your creativity by making crafts to kill boredom and help develop patience. You can explore various options and choose from woodcraft, papercraft, pottery, knitting, sketching, and painting. Try learning about batik painting and it's a unique technique to Engage your artistic side and be surprised at the results. 

4 | Write a journal

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

Just like astronauts or adventurers who record their daily experiences in a notebook, you too should write a journal during your #StayatHome time. Your thoughts, experiences, and self- reflection would be useful in getting through this tough time. You can write a journal to keep track of your memories or even share it with others to inspire them.

5 | Clean out the clutter

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

This is it. Now you have all the time in the world to do what you kept postponing i.e. cleaning your house. Begin with cleaning your room. Then scrub the bathroom floor and get rid of all the clutter. Work together with your family to clean the living room and other parts of the house as well. Rearranged your plants to set a new ambiance. When the house is clean and tidy, it will make you feel more relaxed.

6 | Socialize online

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

Got Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok? Use them! Start tweeting your thoughts, create your own content, and engage with other people as well. Create something wholesome and positive to spread good vibes in the midst of this adversity. It’s a great way to stay connected and develop a great relationship with your online/offline friends even if you’re not going outside to hang out with them.

7 | Jump into a virtual tour

7 Ideas to Make Your Stay at Home Moments Fun

You might have a hungry soul that keeps looking for adventure, and that is understandable. Well, you can actually travel and visit some places without having to leave your home. Visit Google Arts and Culture through your laptop and make sure you have your internet-connected. You can check out a number of tourism sites and take 360° virtual tours. If you want to explore Indonesia, click on this link and learn about our best recommendations!

There is no excuse for being unproductive when there are so many things to do while you #StayatHome. So #StayatHome and help #FlattentheCurve while you utilize this time to improve yourself, have fun, and do something productive. Do your part to help confront the COVID-19 crisis; #StayatHome to protect yourself and others.