5 Trip Ideas to Try in Batam on Your Next Holiday Adventure!

Holiday season is coming! Have you planned for an exciting trip somewhere far and tropical? If you haven’t, we totally recommend you to visit Batam: an island of leisure in Riau Islands province. Blessed with a myriad of excitements from beautiful beaches to lavish shopping centers, there are many things in Batam that can blow your mind. This article will guide you through all the trip ideas that you can adjust according to your holiday plans in Batam.


1.  Select your most favorite bucket list! 


Let’s start the holiday by cross-checking some of the most popular bucket lists for everyone who has ever come to Batam. Nongsa Beach in Nongsa Resort Area is a must-visit; it only takes a 10-minute drive from the Hang Nadim International Airport and the scenery will definitely take your breath away. You can also witness the magnificence of the underwater realm by visiting small islands surrounding Batam such as Abang Besar Island, Hantu Island, and many others. Find out more things for your bucket list here and make your visit worthwhile!


2.  Choose a comfortable stay  


For a maximum travel experience, make sure to stay at the place that can give you the most comfort. There are a lot of options depending on what works for your plans. If you fancy a beachfront view, Montigo Resort Nongsa can never go wrong. Visiting the island with your whole family? Harris Resort Barelang Batam and Holiday Inn Resort Batam provide family-friendly establishments that will help you and your family create many everlasting vacation memories. Look for more inspirations here and may you have a wonderful stay!


3.  Follow this one-day trip guide 


Due to its close proximity to Singapore, some international tourists find Batam a suitable destination for a one-day trip. If you happen to be one of them, you’re in luck, because we have some recommendations on what to do on your quick holiday getaway. Batam has many sweet spots for a sightseeing session. You can take a boat from Nongsa Beach to reach the gorgeous Putri Island. Those who love to golf can tee off at the Sukajadi Golf Course, Palm Spring Golf, and Tering Bay Golf. Explore many other possibilities here and bring the best out of your one-day trip!


4.  Extend your holiday to 3D2N 


After all the fun you’ve experienced, changing your mind and extending to a 3D2N holiday would be a great thing to do. As always, we have the best trip inspirations that might help you to cover all the best things in Batam. Starting from exploring the Barelang Bridge on Day 1 to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya on Day 3, your trip is guaranteed to be an unforgettable one. Find further details here and have a great holiday!


5.  Don’t forget to enjoy the fresh and scrumptious seafood 


Coming to Batam for a culinary adventure? You’re in for a good treat, because Batam is renowned as the paradise for seafood lovers! Feast upon the scrumptious traditional dishes like Batam fish soup, mie tarempa, or siput gonggong and get yourself a distinctive taste of the tropical island on your palate. If you’re solely looking to be pampered with its delicacy, then we strongly suggest you explore all the restaurants in Batam listed here.


There are many ways to enjoy Batam. Whatever you choose to do, the island will always make your visit worth all the adventure! Before you plan your trip, make sure to learn all the international travel regulations and comply with all the health protocols on your journey. We also need to remind you to always be a responsible traveler and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Last but not least, follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding tourism and creative economy in Indonesia.