5 Reasons to Extend Your Holiday Adventure from Lombok to Sumbawa

Are you looking for more exciting activities worth trying in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara? While you are about to stay on the island either for an action-packed race or an end-of-the-year vacation, you can make your time there even more lasting and unforgettable. Try exploring beyond Lombok and set foot on the island of Sumbawa!

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Situated on the east of Lombok, this paradise boasts a myriad of hidden treasures waiting to be unveiled. Don’t know where to start? No worries! We have brought you several wonders you can look out for to start an extended journey to Sumbawa. Come check them all out below!


1. Try the thrilling paragliding in Mantar Hill


The first hidden treasure you can check out is Mantar Hill. Standing at a height of 585 meters above sea level, this expansive gem provides a chance for you to experience how it feels to be among the clouds. Its great height offers a perfect view of the sunrise and sunset. You can set up a camp to spend a night at this amazing place to catch these views. If you want something more daring, several paragliders are also available for you to rent so you can thrill yourself by flying around the hills!


2. Trek the historical Mount Tambora


Do you consider yourself a huge fan of trekking, hiking, and mountains in general? Then Mount Tambora will definitely captivate you! The 2,722-meter volcano that once sent the world to a year-long winter back in the late 19th century is one of Indonesia’s many national parks. The summit of this magnificent mountain provides a spectacular scenic view of the whole island. Four routes you can take to reach the summit are Doro Ncanga, Kawinda Toi, Pancasila, and Piong. Whichever way you take will take you to an unbelievable trekking experience.


3. Discover the beauty of Kalela Waterfall


Take a short escape to a magical place that can soothe your eyes by visiting Kalela Waterfall! Also known as Semporon Tangkil Waterfall, this wonder can be found amid the lush forest of Jereweh Village, this hidden gem is a guaranteed eye-catcher. The charm of this alluring waterfall has attracted countless travelers from all over the globe. As you dip your toes into the fresh turquoise pool of Kalela Waterfall, you will be immediately taken to an otherworldly atmosphere. The pristine cascading waterfall and its exotic surroundings will leave you wanting to stay here for longer.


4. Visit the instagramable Kenawa


Need to give yourself some peace of mind? Spend a good time in a tiny quiet paradise known as Kenawa Island! Lying in the northwest of Sumbawa, this uninhabited island consists of a serene grassland surrounded by a white shoreline. The panorama of the vast blue sea encompassing the island is worth capturing to remind you of the peaceful time you had here. The small hill standing on the corner provides a spot to feel a truly comforting breeze that will relax your senses. You can also snorkel around here to witness vibrant coral reefs under the island’s crystal-clear water.


5. Meet the whale sharks in Saleh Bay


Have you ever imagined how it feels to swim with a huge sea creature? Make it happen right away by visiting Saleh Bay! Situated not far from the heart of the island, this bay is known to house the world’s largest shark, the whale shark. Despite their name and gigantic size, whale sharks are harmless creatures as they mainly eat small fishes, shrimps, and plankton. If you’re eager to meet this gentle giant, then it is recommended to visit Saleh Bay around August to November. Keep in mind that this activity requires a guide. Make sure you don’t touch, feed, or disturb the whale sharks.


Can’t wait to go on a journey to Sumbawa after having fun in Lombok? Do also delve into the fascinating culture of the island! Learn about the island’s traditional handwoven textiles in one of the villages there. Don’t miss out on the unique local traditions and ceremonies too!

As you prepare yourself to visit Lombok, make sure you have learned about the latest international travel regulations to enter Indonesia. Always comply with the CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability) health protocol along your journey.

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