5 Instagenic Villas You Can Find in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara is definitely a fitting destination for those who seek a calming holiday. Aside from being filled with challenging tourist attractions ranging from underwater caves to diving spots, Labuan Bajo also has several accommodations designed to not only fulfill your solitary needs but also present an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Here are five recommended instagenic villas in Labuan Bajo for you!


1. Cajoma Villa


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Being a part of Cajoma Indonesia Luxury Sailing and Diving, Cajoma Villa is perfect for those who are looking for quietness yet still want to be one step away from a thrilling adventure. The villa features sleek and modern interiors with traditional Indonesian amenities and decorations such as an oak-furnished terrace, an outdoor tropical bathroom, a simple pool with lazy chairs, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The interior and exterior design boasts a homey atmosphere, yet is still instagenic in every perspective. Furthermore, you can also arrange for an adventurous sailing experience.

Cajoma Villa

Jl Pantai Pede Km 4, Gorontalo, Labuan Bajo, Macang Tanggar, Komodo, Macang Tanggar, Komodo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara 86754



2. Sten Lodge Eco Homestay


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Ever imagine how it feels like living in a rural settlement that embraces traditionality? Well, you can do that in Sten Lodge Eco Homestay. Only 30 minutes away from Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo, the homestay offers eco-friendly accommodation in traditional bamboo huts. Pretty much the same as a villa-styled inn, only this time it will be an even more rustic, instagenic, and immersive rural experience with fresh air, birds singing, and pure water which comes from Mount Mbeliling. For lunchtime, you can head straight to Dapur Tara, a traditional restaurant with a farm-to-table concept which introduces Flores culture of “forest living” through authentic and savory local cuisines.

Sten Lodge Eco Homestay

Melo Liang Ndara, Labuan Bajo, Mbeliling Subdistrict, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, 86754



3. Sudamala Resort Seraya


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Located only a 30-minute boat ride to the north of Labuan Bajo, Sudamala Resort Seraya offers a calming sanctuary among the pristine nature of the idyllic and immaculate Seraya Island. It offers luxury in the form of secluded villas within a serene, preserved, and relaxing environment. Plus, if you’re taking the bungalow villa package, you’ll get a nice view from the window of your room which is facing straight to the Komodo National Park. Experience the remote island getaway kind of holiday and capture some photos to post on Instagram so you can make your followers even more curious.

Sudamala Resort Seraya

Seraya Kecil Island, Labuan Bajo, Komodo Subdistrict, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara 86754


4. Domanik Villa


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Villa Domanik presents a compound of 3 bungalows, 2 two-bedroom villas, and a spacious living area as well as a swimming pool with an infinite view facing the waters of Komodo National Park. The place exhibits a homey vibe with lush gardens surrounding the area and cool breeze with exceptional landscape views that can be enjoyed by the visitors during their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also request to arrange your pickup service from Labuan Bajo and take their shuttle service from and to the city center. Rest assured, you can maximize your serene holiday experience here without having to worry about anything.

Villa Domanik

Jl. Gorontalo, Komodo Subdistrict, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara 86754



5. Elang Hillside Bamboo Villa


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The name speaks for itself; this accommodation offers the uniqueness of staying in a bamboo establishment situated on top of a hill facing Komodo National Park with a sunrise and sunset view straight out of your bedroom window. What a perfect way to spend your holiday, right? Don’t worry, although the place offers a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is situated in one of the most strategic spots in Labuan Bajo. You can still visit a lot of cool tourist attractions around the area such as Goa Batu Cermin or Mirror Cave, Waecicu Hill, Waerana Beach, and many others without too much hassle!

Elang Hillside Bamboo Villa

Jl. Elang Barat No. 1, Labuan Bajo, Komodo Subdistrict, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara



Enjoying your stay in a villa during vacation definitely gives a uniquely comforting experience that cannot be compared to any other accommodation style, especially when it comes to the Labuan Bajo holiday escape plan. Pack your bags, choose where to stay, and make your exotic trip worthwhile! Last but not least, we want to kindly remind you to comply with all the health protocols and be a responsible traveler. Keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Learn about the latest international travel regulations and follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia.