24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan


Bintan Island - the alluring heavenly tropical getaway in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. One of the most sought out holiday and sport-tourism destinations, just a ferry ride away from our neighboring countries Singapore and Malaysia. What makes Bintan so captivating?

1. Splurge on Luxury

Banyan Tree

Experience an unforgettable rustic luxurious time by relaxing and unwinding at the Banyan Tree Bintan resort. This all-villas establishment in traditional Balinese style is beautifully designed for comfort and luxury. The beachfront villas deliver mesmerizing views of the South China Sea.

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

The natural surroundings are a delight with secluded beaches, a lush green tropical rainforest, and hillside terrain. The inviting sounds of melodious bird tweets are a representation of the captivating local flora and fauna charm. Visit the variety of birds, reptiles and rare animals in their natural habitat, under the care of “Environmental Rangers”.

Natra Bintan

Get yourself closer to nature by doing a "glamping" at Natra Bintan! Situated at Treasure Bay Bintan, this spectacular resort offers an extraordinary staying experience.

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

Outside of the resort's 100 luxurious and comfy safari-themed tents, you will be provided with a view of a dazzling man-made Crystal Lagoon. What's more, at Natra Bintan, you'll also get a chance to partake in numerous exciting activities, such as sightseeing the nearby mangrove park with a kayak, riding an ATV through the forest, as well as getting your adrenaline rushing by doing wakeboarding. An all-day dining restaurant serving tasty local and international cuisine can also be found within this amazing resort, adding more delight to your staying experience.

2. Head to Nearby White Sand Island

Just a 15 minutes boat ride from Trikora Coast km 38 of Bintan Island leads us to White Sand Island or as locals call it “Pulau Beralas Pasir”.  This private island with a dazzling Instagrammable view all around from the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters, alluring marine life in the deep blue ocean, also serves as a sanctuary for baby turtles. White Sand Island is a tropical haven for those seeking some rest & relaxation.

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan
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Enjoy various exciting beach activities and have some fun in the sun with some beach soccer, volleyball, kite flying, and frisbee. Head to Sunfish Cove and enjoy some snorkeling and scuba diving trips and/or courses in the mesmerizing deep blue ocean.

3. Experience the "Sahara"

Usually, when we picture Bintan, the general mindset would be a center for resorts with beautiful beachfront establishments. While that may be true, Bintan also has another appealing attraction that is intriguing, a ‘Sahara’ in the middle of a tropical Indonesian Island. Head to Gurun Pasir Busung located in the western bay of Bintan island, next to the road, Jalan Raya Busung near Tanjung Uban. Here you will feel transported to the Middle East with picturesque hilly sand dunes, gentle slopes with varying hues of light brown and yellow accompanied by a tint of red in the sand.

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

The 6.000-hectare area was once a sand mining area that has now been abandoned. Untouched for several years, nature has transformed the area into a charming desert sandscape with a stunning lagoon. Now a known tourist destination, this insta-worthy photo spot, has made the locals creative by providing props at this location. The props include swings, camel dolls, and bamboo ornaments. 

4. See the Majestic Temple

Another wondrous travel destination in Bintan Island is the Buddhist temple also known as 500 Lohan Temple. The temple features an impressive 500 life-size sculptures of Lohan/Luohan, otherwise known as Arhat, the term used for souls who have attained nirvana or those who have far advanced up the path to enlightenment.

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

Opened in February 2017, the temple is also known, as the Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Situated about 10Km west from the heart of Tanjung Pinang, each of the 500 sculptures is formatted in an orderly formation and is extremely lifelike capturing characteristics, facial features, and postures of the lohans. Seeing the statue formation is like witnessing a scene out of a colossal mandarin movie. A truly amazing and magnificent site and suited for artful photography.

5. Go on a Shopping Spree

Traveling would not be complete without a shopping spree. Head to Plaza Lagoi, a contemporary and modern two-story shopping mall designated as a one-stop retail, F&B and entertainment hub for Bintan Resorts. 

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

The mall is accessible via a complimentary shuttle bus service that transports passengers to and from properties of Bintan Resorts, the Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, and Safari Lagoi. Native islanders convert easily accessible but “worthless” materials to beautiful creations. The crafts include intricate models made from fish bones/skin, and beautiful ornaments/brooches produced using fish scales. Bike models, vases, mirrors and even lamps are constructed from seashells, including Gong Gong shells. There are also some lovely batik clothing designs produced by a wax-resistant dying technique.

6. Fine Dining and After Hours Partying

24 Hours Guide for First Timers in Bintan

For local delight,  Plaza Lagoi is the center of various local dining experiences. Head to Warung Yeah! and savor signature local Indonesian dishes like Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Tahu Goreng (Fried Beancurd) and Fried Getuk (tapioca balls with coconut flakes). Try the traditional Malay delights such as Ikan Bakar (grilled fish coated with sweet soy sauce) and Otak Otak (barbequed seasoned fish paste in banana leaves) at Waroeng Cek Bakar’s Masakan Khas Melayu. 

For some after hour partying, Bintan nightlife has a few select spots around the island for a great evening escapade. Most venues are attached to fine resorts in the beautiful Lagoi Bay on the north coast, however, there are some in the main town of Tanjung Pinang. Although low key, nightlife in Bintan has a few options for you to choose from to experience the 24 hour Bintan experience.  

From luxurious resorts to interesting after hour partying, Bintan is full of many exciting things. Be free to choose your favorite experiences and see you in Bintan soon!