The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Prioritizes in Protecting Public Health in the Midst of the COVID-19 Outbreak


The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy prioritizes in protecting public health in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Therefore, all promotional activities aimed at foreign tourists following the establishment of the COVID-19 pandemic status by the World Health Organization (WHO) were decided to be postponed temporarily.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio in his statement in Jakarta, Friday (03/13/2020) said that the ministry has postponed all forms of tourism promotion abroad until the COVID-19 outbreak ended.

"While deciding to postpone promotions and provide incentives to bring in foreign tourists, we keep monitoring the latest updates regarding this issue. We will hold any promotional efforts until this pandemic ends," Wishnutama said.

This was done, said the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, as an effort to prevent this pandemic from spreading any further in Indonesia.

"Because protecting Indonesian people is our highest priority," Wishnutama said.


Agustini Rahayu
Head of the Communication Bureau
The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy