Here Are the Newest Regulations Regarding Domestic Travel in Indonesia per 25 August 2022

JAKARTA, 28 August 2022 - As an immediate response to recover the tourism industry and relaxing the international travel restrictions, the Head of COVID-19 Task Force issued a Circular Letter No 24/2022 on Domestic Travels Amid Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic.  

Cited from detik.com, Wiku Adisasmito, COVID-19 Handling Task Force spokesperson said, “Currently Indonesia is implementing some policy adjustments for domestic travelers. No PCR/Antigen testing required, but complete vaccination and booster vaccination are mandatory for those wanting to travel domestically. There is still potential for emerging sub variants, therefore the need to maintain immunity level and mobility control is important,” during an online press meeting on Friday (26/8/2022). As quoted from antaranews.com, he also mentioned on another occasion that vaccination policy is one of three main layers to prevent COVID-19 infections. The first layer being “maintaining distance, washing hands, and wearing masks”, the second as “tracing, testing, and treatment”, then the third is vaccination. These are done to protect the public’s health and safety so that people can still maintain their daily activities. 

“Booster vaccination requirements will give stimulants for the tourism industry,” said Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy quoted from katada.co.id.


The following are the regulations of the health protocol contained in the Circular, which are effective from 25 August 2022:

  1. Domestic travelers are obligated to comply with the health protocol, namely:

    1. Wearing a 3-ply cloth mask or medical mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin while indoors or when in public.

    2. Changing masks regularly every four hours and dispose of waste masks in the places provided;

    3. Washing hands regularly using water and soap or hand sanitizer, especially after touching objects touched by other people;

    4. Maintain a minimum distance of 1,5 meters from other people and avoid crowds; and

    5. Not having one-way or two-way communication by telephone or in person throughout the trip using public transportation modes of land, rail, sea, river, lake, ferry, and air.

  2. Domestic travelers must comply with the following provisions:

    1. Travelers who travel by private or public vehicle is responsible for his/her own health, and is subject to comply with the applicable terms and conditions;

    2. Travelers are required to use the PeduliLindungi application as a condition for traveling domestically.

    3. Domestic travelers traveling by air, sea, land transportation modes using private or public vehicles, crossings, and intercity trains from and to regions throughout Indonesia, must comply with the following provisions:

      1. Received the third dose of vaccination (booster);

      2. Domestic travelers with the status of foreign citizen, originating from overseas with the age of 18 years and above must have received the second dose of vaccination;

      3. Domestic travelers between 6-17 years old must received the second dose of vaccination;

      4. Domestic travelers between 6-17 year old who come from overseas are excluded from the vaccination mandatory;

      5. Domestic travelers under 6 years of age are exempt from vaccination requirements but must travel with adult companions who have met the vaccination requirements.
    4. Domestic travelers as stipulated in point c are not required to show a negative result of the RT-PCR or rapid antigen test and can travel within the country by implementing strict health protocols;

    5. Domestic travelers with special health conditions or comorbid diseases that prevent them from receiving vaccinations are exempt from the vaccination requirements, but  are required to present a doctor's certificate from a Government Hospital stating that the person concerned has not and/or cannot take the COVID-19 vaccination.

3. The regulations as referred to in point 3 are excluded for pioneering modes of transportation, including in border areas, underdeveloped areas, and limited shipping.


It must be noted that it is also mandatory for everyone to download and use the PeduliLindungi app on mobile phones as a requirement to enter some public areas in Indonesia.


If you’re planning to visit Indonesia in the near future, we need to kindly remind you to stay updated with the latest international travel regulations and comply with all the health protocols. Be a responsible traveler and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Last but not least, follow our social media channels in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia. 


*Disclaimer : This article was updated on August 28, 2022. Due to the dynamic nature of travel regulations, please stay updated and confirm your itinerary with your chosen travel providers.