Development of The Handling of The Coronavirus 2020 in The Province of Bali


Denpasar City – Bali already has a few preparations in place to anticipate the spread of COVID-19, in accordance with the instructions by the Bali Governor, Wayan Koster, who is also the Head of the COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force for the Bali Province. Governor Wayan Koster, who is accompanied by the Regional Secretariat for Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra, carried out a video conference on Wednesday evening, 8th April 2020, in the Jabatan Jaya Sabha House, Denpasar to present the readiness and newest handling effort that is being done by the Bali Provincial Government.

1 | Bali Provincial Government tightens checks of members of the Indonesian Immigrant Worker, who just arrived in Bali, by doing the Rapid Test. When any members of the PMI (Indonesian Immigrant Worker) are COVID-19 positive, they will immediately be given help from the referral hospitals. Bali Provincial Government also appealed to the Balinese Community is able to accept PMI members returning home with a negative result and ask the Indigenous Village Mutual Assistance Task Force to continue to oversee its citizens who carry out independent quarantine.

2 | Bali has allocated quarantine locations, which were initially educational facilities for structural employees and officials, to have adequate equipment such as beds and air conditioning, eating facility, free drinks, whilst being completed with medical personnel and safety.

Quarantine locations for COVID-19 patients in Bali are :

- Bali Province Public Health Training Centre

- Bali Province Human Resource Training Centre

- Wisma Bima Ministry of Public Works

- Ministry of Transportation Polytechnic (Reserve)

3 | Beginning operations on 7th April 2020, PTN UNUD hospital officially became the COVID-19 handling center for the Bali Province. With added facilities such as isolated rooms and beds, this resulted in PTN UNUD hospital being able to accommodate PDP and COVID-19 ranging from new patients to those who are no longer treated at the district/city hospital.

At this current moment, efforts for the preparation of provisions for the complete handling of COVID-19 such as PPE, rapid test kits and masks are underway by the provincial government of Bali and BNPD.

Governor Wayan Koster appealed to the entire Bali Community to limit activities including:

- Limit activities outside their homes

- Limit group activities

- Limit faith activities outside their homes

- Limit the entry/exit to areas within Bali with certain conditions

- Tighten surveillance at airports and ports in Bali

- In order of the Regent/Mayor to coordinate and synergize with local security personnel so that these instructions are carried out effectively.

The Provincial Government of Bali is cooperating as well with the Cultural Village Mutual Assistance Task Force to carry out the tasks in a noetic and sacred manner, following the Joint Decree of the Governor of Bali and the Bali Provincial Traditional Village Council in the handling of COVID-19.


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