Bersama Jaga Indonesia Solidarity Concert


The pandemic of COVID-19 established by the World Health Organization WHO has made the world in the same story for the first time. The impact hit every corner of the source of human life. Pandemics make people limited their space. Forcing us to stay at home. Work from home, Study from home, Worship at home. Physical distancing is the maximum effort we can do by staying at home. 

In Indonesia itself, due to this pandemic, the tourism sector has been greatly affected. The same impact befell the sector that has close links with the tourism sector. The creative economy sector. Almost all events since the beginning of March 2020 until now have been delayed or even canceled.

This impact has caused millions of people to lose their livelihoods. Many employees in the sector were laid off, and day laborers also lost their jobs. The fate of their family is at stake. 

Starting from this, the joint community Komunitas Bersama Jaga Indonesia consisting of practitioners in the creative world, music, film, media, and tourism in Indonesia was moved to unite ideas and compile an event that aims to raise funds and work together with kitabisa.com for those who are affected in the creative economy and tourism sectors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An event titled“Konser Solidaritas Bersama Jaga Indonesia” is being produced with a strict COVID-19 protocol, will be held on May 16th, 2020, at 20:00 West Indonesia Time on several national TV stations Kompas TV, RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, ANTV, and NET, as we will be able to reach all regions in Indonesia, the messages and appeals conveyed can touch various levels of society.

This event is supported by  Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Agency of Tourism and Creative Economy,  IMARINDO, BPI, APFI, INVENDO, RAI, P3I DKI JAYA, ASIRI, Backstagers, Gen 103.1 FM, Gen 98.7 FM, Hot 93.2 FM, Jak 101 FM, Kis 95.1 FM, MARI, Most 105.8 FM, Mustang 88 FM, NOICE, several artists and musicians, as well as Indonesian creative people, such as Erwin Gutawa Orchestra - Yovie Widianto - Eko Supriyanto -  GIGI - Radja - Bimbo - Stay In Here - Sabyan - HIVI! - Tohpati - Dewa Budjana - Ridho Hafiedz - Ronald Steven - Ruth Sahanaya - Rossa - Yuni Shara - Andien - Inul Daratista - Dira Sugandi - Yura Yunita - Rinni Wulandari - Marion Jola - Brisia Jodie - Lyodra - Tiara Andini - Marcello Tahitoe - Tompi - Sandhy Sondoro - Iwa K - Once - Afgan - Mario Ginanjar - Arsy Widianto - Dikta - Rizki & Ridho - Rizky Febian - Boy William - Rezcky The Titans - Purwacaraka Choir - Onframe Dancers - Cak Lontong - Akbar - Andre Taulany - Sule - Vincent - Desta - Melaney Ricardo - Maia Estianty - Prilly Latuconsina - Lukman Sardi - Baim Wong - Indro Warkop - Denny Sumargo - Arief Muhammad - Chelsea Islan. 

Performers will take turns appearing to give their special appearance that has been arranged well and interestingly. This is a form of solidarity to be together, share, join hands, and help our brothers and sisters affected by Covid19.

bersama jaga indonesia solidarity concert