Bali is Preparing to Host The 7th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction!

JAKARTA, 19 MAY 2022 - This year, Indonesia is set to host numerous major international events. Aside from the highly anticipated G20 2022, this largest archipelagic country will also host the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) 2022, which will be held in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC), Bali, from 23 to 28 May 2022.

The presence of GPDRR as a multi-stakeholder conference held by the United Nations (UN), is a highly valuable momentum for the Indonesian government to show their leadership in convincing global partners to strengthen their collaboration for mutual crises recovery, especially in the context of climate change to the handling of COVID-19 pandemic.

In other words, GPDRR will offer a space to review progress, share knowledge, as well as discuss the latest developments and trends in disaster risk reduction efforts. From his statement in Jakarta (26/4/2022), The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, states that the recovery of the creative tourism sector after the COVID-19 pandemic is the Ministry of Tourism's main priority, based on the pillars of innovation, adaptation, and collaboration to deliver policies that are on point, beneficial, and timely.

“The appointment of Indonesia as the host of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction shows the world that Indonesia is increasingly resilient and strong in dealing with disasters. Indonesia itself is one of the countries that implement best practice pandemic control in the world," said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. 


Furthermore, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy explained how the causes and scale of disasters in different countries can be responded to by looking at new trends or methods from various countries that can be adopted or used as guidelines to prepare disaster risk management plans for a more resilient and sustainable world, thereby speeding up the recovery process to normalization.

History records several moments when disasters hit Indonesia. But with the spirit and resilience of each element in society, the locations of the former disasters were completely repaired, restored, and revived. Therefore, the organization of this insightful international forum also requires support from all parties, to successfully produce useful solutions, implementations, and innovations.

In addition, President Jokowi advises that this international forum does not only act as momentum to show Indonesia's role and practices in reducing disaster risk but also act as a way to promote Indonesia's tourism and creative economy to the 2022 GPDRR delegates, which are expected to be more than 5,000 participants from 193 countries. For this reason, the Indonesian government strives to complete the preparations for GPDRR 2022, both in terms of amenities, attractions, and accessibility, so that the international meeting can be held safely and comfortably, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still occurring worldwide.


"The organization of the 2022 GPDRR will be a role model in organizing international events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. How can people's activities go hand in hand with the pandemic situation? How collaboration among ministries/agencies can encourage economic recovery nationally and even globally," assured the Minister.


The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that with GPDRR 2022, more business and employment opportunities can be opened and economic revival will be achieved, not only nationally, but also globally. "Let all parties synergize with each other for the successful implementation of GPDRR 2022," exclaimed the Minister.


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